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Recreational Boating Industry Urged to Embrace Electrification

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- 4 April 2022

The recreational boating industry is being urged to make a rapid transition to sustainable energy solutions said Dr. Nawfal Al Jourani, Regional CEO of the Middle East at ACEL Power Inc. Despite the marine industry lagging the automotive sector in terms of scale and implementation, the shift towards sustainability and clean energy will be significant, he added.

ACEL Power’s recent participation in the Dubai International Boat Show provided an excellent opportunity to highlight the potential of electric propulsion in the Middle East. The company heavily emphasised its expansion in the region, where demand for electric motors for boats has been steadily growing, especially as electric gains a cost benefit over conventional engines, making them economically viable over the long term. The uptake in electric adoption can also be attributed to the practicality and ease of application, it is estimated that over one million boats will be powered by electric motors within the next five years worldwide.

As the momentum towards low carbon emissions and eco-friendly boating builds, ACEL Power’s patented technology presents a viable response to the growing concern for sustainability among leisure marine enthusiasts. In addition to its clean, vibration-free power, ACEL’s digital ecosystem, which consists of innovations like the Variable Frequency Drive, further offers advanced capabilities such as its CPU precise monitoring of key values such as amps, volts and temperature in order to extend the lifecycle, performance and safety of the propulsion ecosystem. 

Dr. Jourani said: “Many yacht owners and shipyards are working towards greater efficiency and sustainability for the future, reducing their environmental and financial impact to the best of their ability. The maritime industry will likely be following the trail of the automotive industry, primarily due to less production, and yachts being larger and more complex. However, we believe the transition towards sustainability and hybrid power in the industry will continue in the coming years.”

Acel Power Inc, the segment leader in higher-powered electric outboard propulsion systems, is leading the on-water revolution towards clean, sustainable boating solutions. This international marine innovation firm is committed to environmental preservation, in line with the UAE’s approach to environmental protection, and is actively engaged in promoting renewable energy and sustainable Freedom Fuel mobility.

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