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Season two descends at Teible with launch of all-new bistronomy menu

DUBAI, UAE, APRIL 11, 2022 – A new season has dawned at Teible, Dubai’s recently-opened farm-to-table restaurant located at Jameel Arts Centre. At the forefront of seasonal, no-waste dining in the UAE, Teible’s new bistronomy menu showcases locally sourced ingredients prepared skillfully and presented in a simplistic way.

Ensuring integrity in every bite and an intriguing, inspired story with each dish, the new bistronomy menu invites guests to delight in flavours savoury to sweet, which see diners through breakfast to dinner.

To start the day, ‘Morning at Mamak’ is a new breakfast dish that presents cultured labneh, Malaysian eggplant sambal with fried cashew nuts, curry leaf oil and a mamak-style sunny side up egg, served with sourdough roti canai – a dish Executive Chef Carlos Frunze created to seamlessly marry flavours from Malaysia and UAE.

Keeping it fresh as warmer weather arrives, the ‘Summer Toast’ is served with creamy, light ricotta (vegan ricotta is also available), refreshing Italian basil oil, Abu Dhabi sea salt and the previous season’s harvest of cherry tomatoes. The locally sourced tomatoes are pickled in a light date vinegar and oven-roasted which replicates the scent and taste of Parmesan cheese.

Reflecting on the creation of Summer Toast, Chef Carlos said: “This is the beauty of cooking in a nutshell – where we utilise all manner of creativity to craft the unexpected. Such as mimicking the taste of cheese using a vegetable.”

To evoke sentimental feelings from days past comes ‘Nostalgia’, a dish comprising charred shio koji sword fish from the Arabian Sea, buttermilk citrus beurre blanc, smoked vinegar pickled green beans, coriander oil, fried pine nuts and coriander cress – all inspired by Chef Carlos’ first apprenticeship at the Paul Bocuse restaurant in Lyon.

Commenting on the experience, he said: “My earliest memory in Lyon was that of trying a swordfish steak with a classic lemon buerre blanc sauce. This meal is my way of sharing that nostalgia of a novice chef trying something so simple yet so delicious.”

The new bistronomy menu also brings with it a selection of new desserts by Teible’s Executive Pastry Chef Sheerin Ghaffar.

Homing in on the beauty of simplicity is ‘Milk and Honey’, a new dessert inspired by milk. In this dish, local honey milk custard is served with kumquat coriander compote, almond orange crumb, and apple cider caramel to create a sweet-tasting milk-based bite.

“The milk we use in this dessert is sourced locally from well looked after Jersey Cows, who are fed on a steady diet of sweet dates, nuts, seeds and a variety of greens. Due to their special diet, these cows produce extremely sweet-tasting milk with a very distinct flavour which we then enhance with a touch of local honey,” explains Chef Sheerin.

The new bistronomy menu features a wide range of dishes to discover, including Deli Sandie, DEV Salad 2.0, Umami Custard, Hen Frikadellen, and more.

Teible’s bistronomy menu is now being served daily, expect for Tuesdays when the restaurant is closed, from 10am – 4pm and 6pm – 11.30pm.

Teible is located at Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront, Dubai, and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8am to 4pm and 6pm to 11.30pm daily and is closed on

Tuesdays. For further information, please call +971 4 243 6683, e-mail info@teible.com, visit teible.com, or follow @teible_ on Instagram.

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