December 4, 2023

Seventy percent of healthcare workers are women, serving as the backbone of the industry

Women impact the world across every sphere, as they participate in and make decisions that shape corporations, communities, and society. The healthcare sector is no exception. Though traditionally the focus has always been on women’s healthcare needs, in the current era, women are important providers – as much as they are recipients – of healthcare in their homes and wider communities.

Women play a vital role in the global healthcare workforce as nurses, midwives, community health workers and doctors. Around seventy percent of healthcare workers are women. Global demand for health workers is rising. Changing demographics and expanding health systems are driving the creation of 40 million new health and social sector jobs by 2030.

“Women today are prepared to take on leadership positions in order to advance their impact in any sector they serve” said Lubna Naeem, Operations Manager at Gargash Hospital.

“Working with a line of strong female pioneers and leader like Dr. Husnia Gargash and Ms. Ghada Sawalmah CEO, Gargash hospital it is indeed a pleasure to be holding an important position in a sector which is mainly male dominated. A lot of them feel that as a woman working with a startup, importantly the healthcare sector, my challenges are plenty. However. I do not think my challenges are any different from that of any man that would be in my position with a startup. The value and success of women in leadership roles has been proved several times in different industries all over the world and this industry is no less. In fact, healthcare industry can benefit more because as women we can bring a perfect combination of leadership and compassion and the best example for the same is Gargash Hospital where our team comprises of 65% of women employees. When it comes to our doctors, we have a fleet of highly qualified, ethical and trained medical experts in all the specialties currently available in the hospital, working round the clock and are committed to serve our patients and the community,” added Ms. Lubna.

As leaders, women are better able to lift one another up. Women in leadership positions are more likely to recognize the potential of and hire other women. That means better health for patients, more opportunities for women in the health care industry and even stronger economies. Gargash Hospital, a newly launched hospital in the UAE realises this and is working to ensure that health workers around the country, especially women, have the opportunity to become leaders in their field. Through its many programs and partnerships, the Hospital hopes to strengthen the skills of its women force to deliver quality health care and pursue careers in the field through formal education. Afterall, when women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life.

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