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Some trends and advancements in the Point Of Care Diagnostics Market worldwide

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is essential for the rapid detection of analytes near the patient, which in turn facilitates better disease monitoring, diagnosis, & management. It enables to take medical decisions on the spot, as the diseases can be diagnosed adequately at a very early stage, hence leading to much-improved health outcomes for the patients by enabling the early start of the treatment process. The World POC or point of care diagnostics market size was USD 33.12 billion in 2021 & it is predicted to reach a threshold value of around USD 90.25 billion by 2030, with a decent CAGR of around 11.78%.

a.) Smart Devices integrated with mobile healthcare

The recent trend in POCD technology is inclined firmly towards the smart devices that are thoroughly equipped with the mobile healthcare (mH) facility, which can truly revolutionize the entire personalized healthcare monitoring & management, thus paving the way for the next-generation POCT. A wide range of mH technologies has already been created, with the cell phone-based POC technologies showing the greatest level of promise for reading out colorimetric, fluorescent, chemiluminescent, electrochemical, lateral flow, and label-free assays, as well as for detecting cells, biomolecules, nanoparticles, and microorganisms in addition to other diagnostic applications. There are already 7.4 billion cell phone users worldwide, 70% of whom reside in underdeveloped nations where POCD is urgently needed. A number of smartphone-based gadgets and smart applications have been commercialized for the management and monitoring of fundamental health metrics such as blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, body analysis, pulse rate, EKG, and physical activity.

b.) Biosensors

The advent of the highly developed biosensor is regarded as the most critical component of POC or point-of-care diagnostics. The integration of the biosensor systems into the POC systems can inevitably improve the level of patient care by means of real-time & remote health monitoring.

The integration of biosensors with POC systems using novel technological platforms is now being investigated. For the creation of a much more effective and speedier POCT, label-free biosensors utilizing impedance spectroscopy, SPR, and white light reflectance spectroscopy are being investigated.

c.) White light reflectance spectroscopy or WLRS-based sensing platforms

White light reflectance spectroscopy or WLRS-based sensing platforms are being explored thoroughly for the detection of higher or lower molecular weight analytes. These sorts of platforms use the reflection process of a broadband light beam steamed from an engineered surface for the production of an interference fringe at the visible spectrum. The WLRS biosensors have a reflection probe & a sensor element. The reflection probe comprises 6 fibres at the periphery that adequately delivers the light on the surface & a central fiber that efficiently collects the specularly reflected light. 

d.) Surface Plasmon-based resonance biosensor

Surface Plasmon-based resonance (SPR) is regarded as a method of surface sensitive spectroscopy method for the probe changes in the RI (refractive index) of the bio sensing material at the surfaces of the metals. SPR is regarded as a sensitive & label-free technique for examining bio-molecular interactions. SPR has been adequately explored for the detection purpose of stroke biomarkers, monitoring the process of tumor antigen serum antibody interactions, & detection of neurotoxins.


Due to the prevalence of the above-mentioned trends and advancements, the POC diagnostic Market is expected to experience a surplus rate of growth in the future, which in turn will likely change the entire market outlook.

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