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Stanley Black & Decker awarded by Taqdeer Awards for its commitment & dedication towards workforce welfare

Stanley Black & Decker has always celebrated the tradesmen for making things better, safer, smarter, more accessible, and more sustainable. The initiatives ‘Empower the Makers” and “Makers Month” provide vocational and trade skills to the tradesmen who serve the community better and more efficiently.

Members of the work force including electricians, plumbers, construction workers and domestic helpers are upskilled via hands-on training covering woodworking, metalworking, concrete drilling and using the latest tools like lasers and cordless power tools. Stanley Black & Decker also conducts regular safety and training workshops at jobsites ensuring every employee is updated with adequate knowledge on products, utility and safety.

Receiving the award, Parmesh Venkateswaran, General Manager Middle East & East and West Africa, Stanley Black & Decker:

“Industrial and technological innovations are rapidly changing the nature of work and jobs, with approximately 10 million jobs in the global manufacturing sector unfilled due to the skills gap, with considerable amount of these jobs being in the Middle East.

Stanley Black & Decker Middle East has a strong focus on modernizing jobsites through innovative solutions that drive productivity and ensure safety for the end users using the products. We engage closely with many contractors by upskilling their workers and educating them about safe use of the tools that they use on the job site. As part of our Makers Month initiative, we have upskilled a few thousands of construction workers in the UAE. It is all about showing our respect for the people that have helped build the UAE on the ground.

We are proud of this initiative, and we will continue to make this bigger and bolder. We are committed to helping the makers, our tradesmen fraternity, gain the skills, expertise and confidence needed to adapt and thrive in this changing world. We thank Taqdeer Awards for honoring us tonight and recognizing the larger and bigger message behind our CSR initiative.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Khaled Ismail, Secretary-General of Taqdeer Award, said: “Stanley Black & Decker is one of the major international companies operating in Dubai, and we welcome its participation in supporting the Award and benefiting from its standards to implement best practices for the welfare of workers and contribute with us in creating a distinctive labour culture.”

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