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Sumo Sushi & Bento Launches Japanese Catering for All Occasions

UAE, 19th September 2022: Sumo Sushi & Bento is excited to be your Japanese cuisine caterer of choice available across all 14 outlets in the UAE for your next event, be it an office meeting, outdoor event or a fun filled party at your home.

Ms. Julianne Holt-Kailihiwa, CEO, Sumo International Inc. LLC, “We are thrilled to introduce and launch our Japanese catering cuisine with items that consist of a wide range of mouthwatering dishes for all events. The ingredients and uniqueness of a Sumo Catering is top notch that bring guests coming back for more! “

Sumo Sushi & Bento offer 5 set Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian mouthwatering delicious catering menus such as:

Oryoki “just enough” at AED 110/per person

 Perfect for small gatherings comprising of prawn Tempura (2pcs) Edamame, Japanese Garden Salad Tuna, Salmon Nigiri (2pcs) Kappa Maki (2pcs) California Roll (2pcs) Crunchy Crazy Roll (2pcs) Spicy Tuna Roll (2pcs) Forbidden Roll (2pcs) Tuna, Salmon Sashimi (2pcs)

Manzoku “satisfaction” at AED 130/per person

Perfect for small and medium get togethers. Prawn Tempura (2pcs) Avocado Crabstick Salad Harumaki, Chicken Yakitori, Tuna, Salmon, Ebi Nigiri (3pcs) Kappa Maki (2pcs), Sake & Avocado, Maki Super California Roll (2pcs), Slim Salmon California Roll (2pcs) Spicy Tuna Roll (2pcs) Crunchy Crazy Roll (2pcs) Tuna, Salmon Sashimi (2pcs)

Okibona “large groups” at AED 150/per person

Perfect for your large events. Prawn Tempura (2pcs) Edamame, Chicken Yakitori and BBQ Beef Sticks (2 pcs) Cucumber Crabstick Salad, Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi Nigiri (3pcs) Kappa Maki (2pcs)
Sake Maki (2 pcs) Crunchy California Roll (2pcs) Rock N Roll (2pcs) Crunchy Crazy Roll (2pcs)
Alaska Roll (2pcs), Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi Sashimi (2pcs)

Very Veggie – Good for four people at AED 234/-

Japanese Garden Salad Agedashi Tofu (4 pcs) Kimchee Edamame Harumaki (8 pcs) Avocado Maki (8 pcs) Veggi Roll (8 pcs) Cucumber Maki (8 pcs) Forbidden Roll (8 pcs)

A Little Taste of EverythingGood for 4 people AED 399/-

Salmon Nigiri (4 pcs) Tuna Nigiri (4 pcs) Ebi Nigiri (4 pcs) Hamachi Nigiri (4 pcs) California Maki (4 pcs) Crunchy Crazy Roll (4 pcs) Salmon Sashimi (4 pcs) Tuna Sashimi (4 pcs) Hamachi Sashimi (4 pcs) Samurai Roll (4 pcs) Sushi Sandwich (4 pcs)

Unique customized menus for all gathering with a specialized Sumo Catering Organizer can be downloaded on our menu to see are exciting offerings for all your catering and event’s needs at https://sumosushibento.com/graphics/downloads/Sumo-CateringMenu.pdf or visit https://sumosushibento.com/catering/

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