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Tax filing errors to avoid while filing taxes to the IRS

Tax filing can get quite intimidating and tiresome at times. Especially when you are yet to have all your documents and bills sorted before the tax season, things can get hectic at the last moment. Taxpayers often make mistakes while filing for tax returns, which can delay the tax return process carried out by the IRS. Thus, taxpayers must be aware of common tax filing errors to avoid them. Let us discuss some of the most common tax filing errors and how you can avoid them so that you can sail through the tax season smoothly:

Math error:

One must ensure that all of their mathematical calculations are correct and all the numbers add up before tax filing. The IRS detected almost 2.5 math errors in tax filings for 2017. They arise from simple calculation mistakes or mentioning the wrong number from a tax schedule or table. Once identified by the software used by the IRS, the user is notified about changes in their tax returns or if the taxpayer owes tax to the government. This process takes a lot of time, leading to delayed tax returns for the taxpayer. 

Improper tax filing status:

You must file your taxes under a status that is appropriate for you. The status you opt to file your taxes under affects your tax bracket and the credits and deductions you can claim. There are five tax filing statuses that a taxpayer can fall under. These tax filing statuses include Single Taxpayers, Married taxpayers that file taxes separately, and those that file taxes jointly, Head of Household, and surviving spouse. 

Overlooking possible tax deductions and credits:

Although the IRS would quickly catch any income you fail to report, it does not alert you when you miss out on possible tax deductions and credits. If you are unaware of all the tax deductions, as well as credits you are eligible for, you might end up missing on tax returns and paying more than you need to. You must list all the dependent and child care taxes to avoid losing money.

Missing out on crucial paperwork because of early tax filing

A lot of taxpayers intend to file their taxes early, as this would allow them to receive their tax refunds earlier. However, executing the process hastily can lead to mistakes that might need rectification later. This would create the need for further rectifications, delaying the process even more. Therefore, one should carry out the tax filing processes seriously and ensure that all the crucial paperwork, including required forms, bills of expenses, and other documents, can help decrease your tax bills. Always remember that you might receive new or amended forms, even at the last minute.

Other common blunders:

In addition to the mistakes made above, people commit common blunders that might be hard to catch unless they double-check their forms before submitting them. Some common blunders you should avoid include not signing and dating your returns. Some taxpayers need to put more postage on the envelopes. Before the tax filing documents are posted, one must ensure that all necessary documents are in line, correctly filled, and signed.

Incorrect estimation of tax credits and deductions:

Taxpayers often make mistakes while calculating their Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Recovery Rebate Credit, among many other tax credits and deductions. Such filing errors delay the process or lower the amount of tax savings one could obtain. Therefore, it is important for you to carefully assess all the tax credits and deductions you are entitled to when you start tax filing for the year. 

Errors related to electronic signatures:

In case you opt to carry out your tax filing processes over the internet, you would be asked to verify your identity with the help of a PIN. You would also be required to provide the adjusted gross income that you provided last year. Do not make mistakes while providing these credentials, as they are very confidential, and are mandatory to authorize any kind of transaction.

Tax filing errors can delay tax returns and even lower the amount of tax returns one receives. You must be aware of how different tax filing statuses affect your tax returns and file your taxes under the one that is appropriate for you. Doing tax calculations accurately can get quite hectic, and you can avail of services provided by NSKT Global, to ensure that you make the most out of the latest tax laws declared by the IRS. This allows you to focus on revenue-generating business processes and enhance your profits. You can check out the official website of NSKT Global, and let dedicated and trained professionals formulate the best tax filing strategies for you!

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