September 23, 2023

The General Authority of Sports hosts workshop to advance skill development and train medical professionals in sports sector

UAE, December 22, 2022- The Sports Leadership Center of the General Authority of Sports (GAS) organized a workshop titled ‘Sports Medicine Development and Sports Injuries Prevention’, in order to increase awareness among medical professionals working in the sports industry and improve their capacity to prevent sports injuries, in accordance with the latest approved studies.

The workshop comprised a lecture, which was presented by Philippe Chaumier, Head of the Rehabilitation and Training Department at FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, in the presence of several medical and technical cadres, as well as nutrition experts from major sports federations and clubs. The lecture covered the latest technical methods for the physical evaluation of players and how these methods aid in the creation of training regimens that help them lower risk of injury.

Omar Abdulrahman Al Ali, Director of the Sports Leadership Center, said: “Our latest workshop was designed to provide technical, administrative, and medical support to the various individuals working in the sports sector. Additionally, this is in line with the government’s directives and the 50 principles, which support investments in human capital and skill development, as well as promote the adoption of the best medical facilities, thereby preventing injuries and better preparing our players for success.”

“The General Authority of Sports (GAS) is consistently working to improve collaboration with federations and clubs in the medical sector, and keeping up with the best international studies in the field of injury prevention. This is even more important as it has grown into a broad science that serves as the foundation of modern sports medicine and assists in providing a better path for athletes by evaluating all the factors that aid in the prevention of injuries,” he added.

Furthermore, the lecture concentrated on the significance of physical examinations and their primary function in supporting players, which are further used in the development of training regimens for these athletes. These tests serve as effective tools in assessing the players’ physical and mental preparedness, along with the need to alter their training patterns and address any weaknesses that surface.

An ‘innovation lab’ in the field of prevention of sports injuries was also held after the lecture, which consisted of discussions about medical issues, and the need for new and innovative approaches to improve the daily operations of medical professionals. The lab’s primary objective was to help participants focus on the factors that increase a player’s risk of injuries, such as inadequate psychological preparation, failure in choosing the right training exercises, neglecting regular checkups, poor nutrition, and lack of compliance with periodic examinations.

The General Authority of Sports (GAS) works to promote awareness in the field of sports medicine by hosting several workshops, in collaboration with major institutions in the sector. Through the exchange of knowledge and best practices, the Authority aims to promote injury prevention in sports and empower the medical staff.


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