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The National Institute of Health Specialties Organizes a Workshop at the Dubai Health Authority to raise awareness of Emirati Board for the private health sector.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) invited the National Institute of Health Specialties to organize a workshop at the DHA for the private health sector to raise awareness of the importance of the Emirati Board of National Institute for Health Specialties and the requirements and standards of the board which aims to prepare and develop a highly efficient health workforce that will support the health system and enhance the quality of health care provided in the country.

During the presentation, Dr. Mohammed Al Houqani, Secretary General of the National Institute of Health Specialties, stressed the importance of institutional accreditation and specialized program accreditation. He emphasized the need to adhere to the requirements of the Emirati Board, in order to upgrade the services provided by hospitals and health centers in the UAE, and to raise the professional and scientific level of doctors and health professionals. He said that the program would encourage health sector workers to continue their professional educational journey towards graduate studies in specialized health fields and thus ensure the availability of a highly qualified health workforce capable of supporting the health system and the promotion of health and quality of life for all members of society.

Dr. Al-Houqani explained the advantages of institutional and program accreditation services which aim to unify the standards and outputs of training, to benefit from international best practices, to enhance leadership and global competitiveness, to upgrade the health services sector, and to strengthen local, regional, and global partnerships. In this manner it will support the continuous improvement of residency and fellowship programs in accordance with the highest international standards, the standards and outputs of specialized training while ensuring the quality of the specialized training environment.

During the workshop, Dr. Mohammed Al-Houqani also reviewed the electronic services provided by the Institute in cooperation with educational institutions, bodies and medical and health organizations inside and outside the country. These raise the scientific and professional level of doctors and workers in various health professions, through workshops to prepare evaluators, to develop the skills of teaching members in the field of tests and evaluation, and to enhance the quality of higher medical education and specialized training programs.

Dr. Wadeia Mohammad Sharief, Director of Medical Education and Research Department at the Dubai Health Authority highlighted the importance of the cooperation of the two entities. She highlighted that the National Institute of Health Specialties is attached to the United Arab Emirates University, the UAE’s oldest national institution of higher education.

She added that UAE provides health practitioners an opportunity to enroll in postgraduate training programs and benefit from the professional training opportunities provided by hospitals and healthcare centers within the country.

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