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The UAE National Day: Messages of goodwill from private sector 

On Friday, December 2, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) commemorates its 51st National Day, which marks the unification of all seven Emirates into one prosperous nation on the back of numerous achievements.

This year’s UAE National Day, which comes hot on the heels of the annual Commemoration Day on November 30 to celebrate the country’s martyrs and recognize their giving and sacrifices, will also celebrate the benefits of its legacy, rich culture and diversity.

The auspicious day, which will be marked by a three-day public and private sector holiday from December 1 to December 3, will be characterized by pomp and glamour as residents and visitors across the Emirates participate in various celebrations.

51 years of growth

The UAE’s economy has largely been on an upward trajectory and is poised to be the fastest-growing economy at 4.2 percent in the Arabian Gulf in 2023 – firmly positioning the country as an economic powerhouse in the region. 

The UAE’s private sector – an important pillar in the country’s development agenda – has for the most part been driving this all-important growth, enabling the country to achieve its goals and objectives.

To reflect on these achievements, MENews247 sought comments from a few private sector leaders as the nation marks this historic occasion.

Naoufal El Ouali

“As the UAE celebrates its 51st year, Obvious Technologies congratulates its leadership and appreciates its initiatives to build a safe, resilient and opportunistic platform for its residents.The UAE has grown immensely with regard to business, population, trade, technology and more. The country has intensively focused on digital transformations, inviting more significant business opportunities and regional exposure. The country has never failed to rise above and beyond its set expectations, building its name across every industry and gaining exposure through strategic initiatives such as the Expo 2020, followed by the Expo city, introducing smart cities and so on. I congratulate the government on how far we have come. I cannot wait to witness what the country has next in store for its residents,” said Naoufal El Ouali, co-founder and CEO, Obvious Technologies.

Ori Leslau

“The UAE is by far one of the fastest-evolving economies in the world. The progress and standard that the country now sets in almost every sphere and industry are commendable. While we celebrate the country’s 51st National Day, we need to applaud how the country has used each year to take bigger and better strides to support development. Owing to its quick technological and digital adoption and adaption, unbeatable customer service and foresight, The UAE is now considered among the top countries for investors and businesses alike. In the last 51 years, the UAE has built world-class infrastructure and created optimal business conditions for entrepreneurs and a safe living environment. This, along with the nation’s recent visa initiatives along with flexible visa rules announced by the leadership, makes the UAE one of the best places to live both for ex-pats and locals,” said Ori Leslau, director, Confetti Group.

Emmanuel de Smedt

“The 2nd of December, 2022, marks the 51st National Day of the UAE. Over the past 51 years, the country has built itself and its reputation so gracefully and royally that it amazes me. We have grown from empty lands to high-rise buildings, now focusing on sustainable communities to preserve for the future. The country never fails to go above and beyond, catering to the needs of its residents, creating business and growth opportunities, and building economic strength. The country has built an empire, raising its position in every industry. The Expo 2020 business initiative was one of the country’s smartest moves, leading up to Expo City – the UAE’s first fully pedestrianised neighbourhood. The UAE has built itself beautifully over the past 51 years, and the future looks extremely promising. A very happy UAE National Day to all the residents!” said Emmanuel de Smedt, managing nirector, Al Muqarram Industry.

Karim Azar

“As we reach the 51st National Day of the UAE, Cloudera would like to congratulate the country on how far it has come and how much has been achieved in 51 years. With the continuous technological developments and opportunities the country has initiated for its residents, the UAE has been setting examples for others to catch up. The UAE has consistently shown how discipline, responsible leadership, and a data-driven culture can enable a nation to achieve set goals. It has embraced change, welcoming multiple cultures while retaining its identity. At Cloudera, we feel lucky to call the UAE our home and cannot wait to witness the next 51 graceful years,” said Karim Azar, regional vice president – Middle East and Turkey, Cloudera.

Soham Chokshi

“It has been incredible to witness the evolution of the UAE over the past years despite its unique geographical challenges. We congratulate the leadership for developing it as one of the most robust and stable economies worldwide. Its growth has been marked by rapid technological advancements driven by digital transformation and a push for cultivating a favourable business environment across sectors. The country has grown to become the top three logistics centres in emerging markets globally, with the logistics market poised to reach USD 31.4 Billion by 2026. As a Dubai-based business, we hope to see many more accomplishments and are excited about the opportunities that lay ahead. We are delighted to be contributing to further the government’s initiatives through our technology by helping businesses in the region expedite logistics transformation and drive cost-efficient, customer-centric, and sustainable supply chain operations,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO and co-founder, Shipsy.

Bob Aoun

“The UAE has been a true visionary, and it is due to its ability to look ahead into the future that we have been able to move forward even during a pandemic. The leaders have set a global standard for a smooth transition to working from home, positioning themselves as leaders in embracing new technologies and becoming smart nations. As the UAE leads its mission to the moon, Poly continues to pioneer the future of work, as it did with the first moon landing. We trust the UAE to continue to lead the region into a bright 2023,” said Bob Aoun, regional sales director, for Poly at HP.

As the nation marks this great day, the spotlight now shines not only on its leadership with high expectations to steer the country toward greatness in line with its vision but also on its residents to play their rightful role in ensuring the nation continues to shine regionally and internationally.

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