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The UAE wins the International Healthcare Standards Award (ACHSI)

Appolonia World Group for Pediatric Dentistry is the first in the world in terms of excellence and innovation

Dr. Yaser Haj Hamed: The health system in the UAE enjoys unlimited support from the country’s leaders.

The UAE is the first country in the Middle East to win this international award.

ABU DHABI – 00 Feb 2022:

The United Arab Emirates, represented by Appolonia World Group for Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, won the 2022 Global Quality Improvement Award presented by the Australian Council for International Healthcare Standards (ACHSI) as the first country in the Middle East to receive this award.

The Australian Council for International Healthcare Standards (ACHSI) is a world-leading healthcare improvement organization committed to partnering with global providers to improve patient safety, quality, outcomes, and value. (ACHSI) is considered one of the largest accreditation organizations for the International Society for Health Quality (ISQua).

In this context, Dr. Yaser Haj Hamid, Executive Director and founding member of the Appolonia World Group, said: “The health system in the UAE enjoys unlimited support and integrated care from the country’s leaders and their highnesses’ interest in enhancing the quality of life, which made our commitment to the health sector great, and our interest in the pediatric segment of Age (1-18) years is the most crucial segment of society because caring for this segment is caring for the future of humankind.

He added, “This is a new number calculated as part of the aspirations of the health departments in the UAE to establish the country’s position on the global map in terms of the quality of health care and medical tourism. In addition, to the global numbers that the country has achieved in various fields, this is an achievement that would not have come without the great efforts made by officials in health affairs.”

Dr. Yaser referred to the role played by the Appolonia World Group at the local, regional, and global levels, stressing that the services and performance of the group are considered the largest in the UAE and the Middle East.

In terms of the services provided by the Appolonia World Group, Dr. Yaser said: “Appolonia World is a child-friendly world designed intelligently that touches their childish instinct and curiosity. Moreover, Appolonia World group has entertainment educational clinics in the biggest indoor park for children, KidZania Dubai and KidZania Abu Dhabi. Also, there are partnerships between the Appolonia world with local universities and international organizations in the healthcare field.

It is worth noting that Appolonia Dentistry for Children is the largest group for pediatric dentistry in the Middle East, and they have several branches in the United Arab Emirates.

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