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THT – That Hair Tho make their salon accessible for all with American Sign Language (ASL) available for hearing impaired clients

On a mission to make their salon truly inclusive and accessible to all, JLT’s premier hair and beauty salon THT – That Hair Tho is raising awareness for the deaf community by welcoming the newest member of their family, Sadaf Haroon, who uses American Sign Language to communicate with her team and clients.

Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, Sadaf is a single mother to her eight-year-old son and recently moved to Dubai to grow her career in the beauty industry. With a passion for make-up artistry and Cosmetology, Sadaf is an inspiring, self-motivated woman, whose disability has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams and achieving her goals. Deaf since birth, Sadaf uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate and take on the world, spreading positivity and awareness wherever she goes. The ability to be able to communicate via sign language has brought a new dimension to the salon with Sadaf’s additional superpower considered a true bonus to everyone around her. Sadaf has already begun teaching staff phrases in ASL, who have also passed this on to their family and friends, raising awareness all around the community.

Intent on changing the face of beauty in Dubai, THT are a team of disruptors who focus on the fun of beauty and provide a safe space for women and girls of all age groups, where they can be their true selves. Known for their many forward-thinking and meaningful initiatives, community is at the heart of all THT do. Raising awareness and showing understanding about the challenges that people with hearing difficulties face, via THT, Sadaf is able to share her wisdom with those who also have hearing issues. Her aim is to educate and inspire, and above all allow hearing impaired clients to feel understood, confident and welcomed at THT – That Hair Tho.

In addition to Sadaf’s own ASL skills, she has also been busy training the rest of the team to help bridge the gap in communication with those who are hearing impaired and how to make small changes to accommodate others with communication differences.

THT – That Hair Tho also offers sign language via zoom for consultations and product recommendations for their website www.thathairtho.me. All products are delivered the same day.

THT – That Hair Tho stands strongly in their belief to empower the women in the community, of all ages, nations and abilities. Eager to raise awareness, they welcome the opportunity to collaborate with UAE-based organisations that work with the hearing impaired.

THT is located in Cluster N, Jumeirah Lake Towers, The Dome Building, Basement Level, B04. To find out more and to book your appointment, call +971 45896670, WhatsApp 055-9453125. Keep up to date with the latest THT news and offers on social media @thathairtho.tht.

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