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TickerChart and SNB Capital announce API integration for seamless and enhanced order execution

March 31, 2022- Saudi Arabia’s largest CMI, SNB Capital, has partnered with TickerChart to enable TickerChart users who are also SNB Capital clients to access their brokerage account through TickerChart’s platform. 

Through this integration, TickerChart’s users, predominantly advanced technical analysts and active traders, can route orders to their SNB Capital brokerage accounts directly through TickerChart’s applications. This will allow for enhanced trade execution and management capabilities as customers continue to enjoy TickerChart’s data-rich environment.

By harnessing the advanced capabilities of feature-rich TickerChart products such as chart patterns recognition, real-time data filters, back-testing, and advanced server-side alerts,

SNB Capital’s customers will enjoy a seamless data-driven trading experience when they place orders and manage trades directly through TickerChart’s platform. TickerChart’s web and app-based solutions, including TickerChart Live, TickerChart Net, TickerChart Trend, and TickerChart Quant, will be available to SNB Capital’s clients, providing them with another valuable resource to grow and manage their assets.

Commenting on the benefits to both TickerChart and SNB Capital’s customers, Abdelmuez Abukhalaf, CEO of TickerChart, said the partnership would see continued improvement in client service and provide exciting growth channels for both businesses. “This partnership is an excellent opportunity for both businesses to provide a higher level of service to our clients. We want traders and investors to have all the resources they need for strong results, and offering integration between our front-end systems and SNB Capital’s systems is important in delivering a holistic trading experience,” Mr. Abukhalaf said.

Also commenting on the exciting opportunities this partnership offers, Eng. Loai Bafaqeeh, Head of Securities division in SNB Capital, said, “Being the largest trading platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we continue to enrich the experience of our clients, in terms of providing the best and latest tools available in the market. TickerChart will enhance the trading experience of our clients as well as the powerful analytics that TickerChart will provide”.

TickerChart, owned by UniTicker, is the leading market information platform for retail investors in the Middle East. The company is also a licensed data vendor for several stock markets worldwide, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, and the USA. As the preferred market information platform among retail investors in Saudi Arabia, the company’s partnership with SNB Capital will make order management and trading more efficient and convenient, especially for active traders seeking fast order execution.

The partnership between SNB Capital and TickerChart is a positive step for both companies in continually improving the trading and asset management experience to help clients reach their wealth-building goals. Importantly, it demonstrates SNB Capital’s commitment to ensuring its clients have access to smart charting tools and reliable data across several major markets. Similarly, the partnership represents TickerChart’s dedication to empowering traders in the Middle East with the monitoring and analysis tools they need to improve their trading strategies continuously and, as a result, grow their returns.

The integration is live from March 20, 2022, with SNB Capital’s customers able to access order and trade management from within TickerChart’s applications.

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