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UAE Founded ZeLoop Continues to Challenge Throwaway Culture Using Blockchain Technology

Dubai (November 17): The amount of plastic entering our environment has risen to crisis levels, and our oceans are the best places to see the results. According to reports by National Geographic, half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years, with 8 million tons of plastic waste escaping into our oceans from coastal nations annually.

However, the demand for recovered plastics isn’t high enough to make sorting economically viable, so the market for them is shrinking globally. International Recycling Group in Erie aims to break this loop by constructing a hyper-scale sorting facility and involving consumers in memory through the newBin app that ZeLoop’s team created as a white-label utilizing its native, unique blockchain incentive engine. The market for recycled plastics was estimated to be worth USD 19270 million in 2020, and by the end of 2027, it is predicted to have grown at a CAGR of -0.7%, falling to USD 18510 million.

“We’re thrilled to be working with ZeLoop in a global network initiative to give local environmental activists control over the management of recyclable plastics. Through technology, we are enabling recycling for everyone, making it easier, more profitable, and more credible.” Mitch Hecht, newBin founder. The goal of newBin is to stop the accumulation of plastic garbage in our parks and rivers. By scheduling recycling pickup or drop-off at their convenience, users of the newBin app can earn Eco Rewards (ZeLoop tokens), which can be redeemed for discounts at nearby retailers. By providing straightforward, no-sort recycling, newBin will encourage Americans to recycle more.

According to Eric Schaffner, founder and CEO of ZeLoop, connecting consumer trends, needs, and wants to materials is essential. “There are just two options left after consumption: either drop it in a trash can or throw it in nature. How can we reduce littering? Look around for garbage cans, keep some packaging in your pocket until you can put it in the proper bin, and pick up one piece of trash every time you go for a walk. With ZeLoops’ ‘plogging’ feature, it is entertaining, worthwhile, and enjoyable.”

Your old plastic water bottle could end up in your next vehicle as well. The seat cushions, flooring, door panels, and dashboard trimmings of automobiles are being made from environmentally unfriendly materials in a race by automakers to make their vehicles more sustainable, the industry’s favorite buzzword. Reclaimed timber was used initially. Afterward, “vegan” leather. The manufacturing process is currently changing as a result of the use of agave, rice hulls, flaxseeds, and oceanic plastic debris.

For example, Ford has promoted the use of sustainable materials in its automobiles. In 2008, it set a first for the industry by using soy-based seat cushions in place of the polyol foam manufactured from petroleum in its Mustang sports car. More recently, the brand has been investigating ways to use some of the 13 million metric tons of ocean plastic, which endangers marine life and pollutes shorelines, as components for upcoming Ford automobiles. The outcome? The new Ford Bronco Sport has wiring harness clips that were previously nylon fishing nets.

Alongside reducing materials, user trends should also be addressed, and ZeLoops’ ‘eco-to-earn’ approach rewards positive behavior with direct benefits from the app. In September 2022, ZeLoop partnered with UAE-founded Zofeur to provide reward vouchers in the app for sustainable users.  “Your carbon footprint is influenced by both what and how you drive. Our drivers are instructed to avoid strong accelerations, slamming on brakes, and letting our client cars idle for more than 30 seconds while inside,” comments Ishrath Hasmin, COO & Co-founder at Zofeur.

In just two years, Zofeur has amassed 60,000+ clients, countless drivers, and more than six figures in completed trips, and it’s continuously expanding! “The goal of Zofeur has always been to develop a technological ecosystem that enables clients to quickly hire a reliable driver while also creating jobs for drivers, ensuring the sustainability of safety in the United Arab Emirates. A further step towards a greener driver ecology in the UAE is joining ZeLoop,” adds Bunty Monani, CEO & Co-founder at Zofeur.

How Can You Get Involved?

ZeLoop is available for download on Android and iOS. People the world-over can download the app and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste by mapping collection points, collecting bottles, and earning tokens for helping to protect the planet. The app also rewards users for successfully inviting others to download it.

Download the ZeLoop App now and contribute towards saving the planet in a fun-filled way by participating in ZeLoop games and winning awesome rewards for doing so! ZeLoop is seeking sponsors and investors in the packaging, food, and beverage industries, impact investors, and others that support this noble social cause.

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