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UAE parents consider home schooling if e-learning continues until 2021

Schools could introduce a mix of in-person classes and online learning for first term of next academic year

Parents in the UAE say they are considering moving country, schooling at home or sending their children to boarding schools abroad if distance learning continues into the next academic year.

Schools across the country have said they are preparing for e-learning to carry on to September and into next year.

Samantha Armstrong, a British working mother with a nine-year-old son, says online learning is no substitute for school.

“There are so many limitations to the online learning model,” said Ms Armstrong, 39, a consultant who lives in Dubai.

“In a crisis situation what they did was fantastic but it does not work as a long-term solution. If online education continues it will affect the quality of learning.”

She said parents would struggle if they were required to return to work but could not send their children to school by September.

“My friends have said they will consider leaving and going to their home countries,” Ms Armstrong said.

“Globally, schools are reopening and if the situation is under control, then why would they need to open in phases?”

She said if e-learning must continue by September then schools should further reduce tuition fees.

Abir Saud, 37, a mother of three in Dubai, said she also hoped schools would reopen in a few months, after struggling to stay on top of her children’s studies alone.

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