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UAE University and Abu Dhabi University launch a joint research program for researchers from the two universities

The United Arab Emirates University and Abu Dhabi University conducted a technical workshop on the research directions of the two universities, in the presence of faculty members and researchers from the two universities, at the UAE University campus in Al Ain on September 16, 2022. This workshop is one of the outcomes of the coordination meeting that was held in June at the Abu Dhabi University in Al Ain, in the presence of the officials of the two universities. At the end of the workshop, they called upon the researchers to submit joint research on topics of strategic priorities.

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said that the UAE University emphasizes the importance of partnerships and joint research cooperation with government entitites and universities/international research institutes. The university gives priority to establish strategic partnerships with local universities in priority areas and in vital sectors. This workshop is also considered to activate the joint research cooperation in line with the university’s strategy to develop and build joint research relationships that enhance UAEU research and provide a creative and innovative academic environment.

He said that the workshop focused on a range of research projects in the following fields: energy and water, artificial intelligence, software engineering, health sciences, economic and social issues, environmental sciences, and materials science and manufacturing.

He said that after the workshop, joint research proposals will be submitted by the United Arab Emirates University and Abu Dhabi University. The purpose of this initiative is to develop research cooperation between the two universities, enhance the knowledge, support the latest research technologies in areas of interest to the two universities, and improve the well-being of society. He added that reviewing and selecting research proposals will take place once a year, alternating between the United Arab Emirates University and Abu Dhabi University. The total number of accepted proposals will depend on the results of the external review, the national research priority areas, and the funds available for this initiative at the two universities. The final decision will be made by a joint committee of the two universities.

Associate Provost for Research and Academic Development, Prof. Philip Hamill, said ‘The knowledge economy is built on research and innovation in a globally connected world. This workshop allows our faculty to make new connections to explore new ideas and opportunities for collaboration which will produce the necessary intellectual capital to drive economic growth in the UAE”.

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