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UAE University doctor presents a symposium organized by King Faisal University on “radioactive distribution in groundwater in the UAE”

Al Ain: Dr. Dalal Matar Al Shamsi, Associate Professor in the Department of Geology at the United Arab Emirates University and Director of the National Water and Energy Center, presented an online symposium entitled: “The distribution of 238U, 235U, 226Ra and 222Rn in groundwater reservoirs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and their environmental impact,” on Tuesday. The symposium was organized by the Scientific Committee at King Faisal University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, attended by professors and students at King Faisal University.

Dr. Dalal Al Shamsi presented in the symposium the data on the significance of concentration of radioactive isotopes in groundwater to ensure the quality of the used water. She also discussed the results of analyzes of uranium, radium and radon concentrations in groundwater in some parts of the United Arab Emirates in various aquifers.

She also indicated: “Most of the groundwater samples contain concentrations less than the permissible limit based on the WHO guidelines for drinking water in terms of total uranium, radium and radon. She added that the limestone aquifers contain the highest concentration of radioactive isotopes compared to sandstone aquifers”. The sources of radioactive isotopes in groundwater are mainly attributed to the natural interaction of groundwater and the host rock. The United Arab Emirates arid climate has probably increased the concentration of these radioactive isotopes in the aquifers due to the limited groundwater recharge.

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