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UAE University enhances its educational and research collaboration with Egyptian universities and academic institutions

Academic research collaboration plays a central role in scientific and research excellence at the United Arab Emirates University. The university has increased its network of collaboration with research and academic institutions locally, regionally and globally, which in turn, contributes to the transfer of best educational and research practices. The partnerships of UAE University with the Egyptian research and educational institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt are among the important ones.

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research at UAE University, elaborated that the cooperation with the Egyptian educational and research institutions is consistent with the university’s strategic and research partnership plan which aims to strengthen its international and regional collaboration with reputable regional and international educational and research institutions. The Egyptian universities and academic institutions are long-standing institutions with excellent researchers and expertise. The UAE University has a clear vision in educational and research empowerment, that contributes to achieving leadership and excellence based on quality education and academic research outcomes.

Prof. Ahmed added that the researchers and faculty members of UAE University are collaborating with researchers from 49 academic and educational institutions in Egypt. This collaboration led to the publication of 527 joint research papers, according to Scopus database, during the period 2017-2022. The total number of citations for these research publications reached 28095. The research collaborations were mainly in medicine, agriculture, biological sciences and engineering. Recent statistics show that the collaboration with Egyptian academic institutions is of high quality, as the citation rate reached 53.3 for each research paper. The confirms the importance and scientific impact of the outcomes of this collaboration.

Prof. Ahmed emphasized that the collaboration with other academic institutions represents a strategic project to consolidate the leadership of UAE University in research, increase the research impact and scholarly outcomes. This would be reflected on the university’s ranking and performance globally. Like UAE University, the academic institutions in Egypt have excellent research outcomes. Therefore, the partnership with the Egyptian Universities aims to conduct cutting-edge research with a positive impact on society.

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