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Wayout International to revolutionize the city’s water supply

March 22, 2022, United Arab Emirates –  Wayout International – is bringing the latest in digitized eco-friendly water systems will be showcased at Expo’s Swedish Pavilion to demonstrate how clean technology is being applied to support communities.

A single Wayout system can supply 3,000 people with clean and safe daily drinking and cooking water with zero byproduct, while helping to eliminate the use of approximately 6.5 million plastic bottles and prevent the release of 536 metric tons of CO₂ emissions yearly.

The ‘smart’ system stores data on water purity in a digital chip and communicates essential information and consumption data to the user and operator, allowing users to monitor their water drinking habits and the purity of the water consumed.

By installing Wayout’s digitized eco-friendly water systems, including its Smart Pods and Kegs, consumers will transform the area’s water supply and provide a more eco-friendly, smart, and healthier offering for residents in a city that pioneers in sustainable urban development.

Alongside the tech showcase, water week — the final thematic week of the six-month mega event — will also feature discussions on water scarcity, climate change, the world’s oceans, and the importance of water in our daily lives. The discussions will be led by renowned experts and personalities including ocean explorer and world record free diver William Winram, Wayout’s Founder and Creative Director Martin Renck, and Executive Director of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Yousuf Lootah, among others.

Further activities for water week include screenings of mini documentaries exploring the reality of sustainable water access today, plus an engaging water photography exhibition in partnership with voice and video platform Agora. The week’s activities will be broadcast on all virtual Expo 2020 Dubai channels.

“Through our discussions in water week, we aim to bring together the heads of innovation to spark a conversation on the importance of innovation for sustainable water solutions commented Martin Renck, Founder and Creative Director of Wayout. “The Expo as a platform is, for many, the center of the world in terms of innovation and technological advancement. We are excited to be part of the activities in this hub to expand our operations across the UAE and eventually into the GCC”

Wayout provides innovative, minimal eco-footprint water systems that distribute scientifically perfected, safe drinking water locally across many markets. The company works to challenge water scarcity through affordable sustain-tech solutions that provide access to 100 percent locally sourced, pure and safe drinking water for schools, corporations, home use, hotels and restaurants. With a fully digitized system, users can gain full access to their water data in terms of purity and consumption habits. In applying clean technology to available water, the company is taking steady and revolutionary steps for humankind by providing the highest quality source of reliable water for all

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