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Will Coronavirus change the way we dress?

will covid-19 change the way we dress

As I scroll through social media timelines, I find myself wondering which of the two fashion goals will I follow, post-Covid-19. One, where individuals are taking it easy in PJs, yoga pants, flared pants, and more. Two, where individuals are dressing OTT to make the most of the limited outings.

At this moment, none of us can predict when the days of quarantine will end, but as and when they do, fashion designer, experts, and teachers are certain that we will be dressing up, differently. Well, historically, we’ve seen fashion get impacted by major global events.

Will sweatpants, joggers, full sleeve blouses, easy-to-wash fabrics et al, rule? What will be the post-Quarantine chic like? Local voices help us figure it out. 

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