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Wisewell officially launches in the UAE

Dubai-based sustainability-driven consumer water tech company Wisewell has officially entered the local market with technology that promises to transform the way we drink water. With operations already established across 32 states in the USA, Wisewell is on a mission to rectify the problems with modern hydration through an innovative solution that transforms tap water into mineralized drinking water.

The Wisewell Model 1 is now available for purchase at AED2,565 on the company’s official website, and customers also have the option to sign up for a monthly subscription plan of AED150. The delivery of orders are fulfilled in as little as two days.  

“We want the world to taste the future of water. Our world is rapidly changing and so should the way we consume water. As a homegrown startup, we are honored to officially launch Wisewell during a time when the UAE is shining as a leader in the global sustainability movement. We’re excited to give UAE residents a chance to do their part in reducing plastic waste, while using a device that in addition to utilizing revolutionizing technology, also makes for a sleek, refreshing and design-led addition to their homes,” said Sami Khoreibi, co-founder and executive chairman, Wisewell. 

Wisewell’s Model 1 was developed by Emmy award-winning design studio Shape, and is available in both Black and White. Complementing its inner mechanisms with a sleek and minimalist exterior, Wisewell Model 1 was developed with a large focus on aesthetics. From its flatbed touch buttons, to its clean lines and indicative lighting, Wisewell was designed to accentuate any area in a home or office. 

“Wisewell is a work of sustainable technology meeting modern art. Sustainability, convenience and luxury – all housed in one smooth design which we envision to be a seamless addition to any room in your home. We look forward to seeing Wisewell become a permanent fixture of UAE households and redefine ‘regular’ water consumption with a model which is anything but,” said Sebastien Wakim, co-founder and CEO, Wisewell.

Core Technology

Wisewell’s Full Spectrum Filtration system uses reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, mineral stones, and UV light. The unit connects to an app that monitors tap water quality with inbuilt sensors and tracks filter life. Its filtration technology can remove lead, harmful forever chemicals, microplastics, and other contaminants, making it one of the most comprehensive filtration systems on the market.

Paying it Forward

As part of its mission to solve the global water crisis, Wisewell has partnered with Splash, a social justice organization and safe water non-profit that focuses on providing some of the world’s most vulnerable children with clean water. Wisewell’s “Liter for Liter” program ensures that every sip of water dispensed from a Wisewell translates to an equivalent quantity of safe drinkable water for children across Asia and Africa with the intention to expand regionally too.

Wisewell’s launch has ushered in a new era of sustainability in the UAE and has the potential to transform the country’s hydration habits by providing easy access to healthy, microplastic-free water.

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