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Zaki Nusseibeh: Every year, Zayed Humanitarian Day is a highlight in the history of the UAE and renders humanitarian work the basis of our civilization and our national tradition

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh, Cultural Adviser to H.H. the UAE President and Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, said, “Zayed Humanitarian Day is a highlight in the history of the UAE and serves as a marker of the humanitarian work of the nation which extends beyond its borders to the region and the world. Humanitarian work expressed Sheikh Zayed’s human spirit, his generosity, benevolence, and charity. It was the foundation of all his decisions and directives. His imprint extends around the world because he was always keen to provide help and comfort to everyone who had a need. This engagement made humanitarian work the basis of our national heritage, its dedicated mission as well as the strategic vision for our present leadership.”

He said, “Seen in this way, Zayed Humanitarian Day reminds us of our culture and traditions as an open, tolerant and innovative society that does not discriminate against people on grounds of race, belief, color, or nationality. The initiatives that we launch on this day also form a humanitarian message about the humanitarian role of our nation that reinforces our international message.”

The Chancellor underlined the significance of marking Zayed Humanitarian Day. He said, “When we mark this day, we feel proud that we honor the memory of a man whose attitudes and policies promoted the values of empathy, loyalty, and charity. The UAE has supported many nations and peoples who were facing humanitarian crises over the last five decades and has played a leading role in promoting the values of cooperation and integrity, thus participating with other like-minded partners in building the foundations for the security, safety, stability, and wellbeing of the world community.

He explained, “We recall Sheikh Zayed whenever we engage in humanitarian work in situations of need because this approach embodies and fulfills his enlightened vision. We uphold the values and standards of tolerance, happiness, and coexistence that are enjoyed by the multinational community resident in the UAE. The dedicated humanitarian approach adopted by our leadership today carries forth the banner of Sheikh Zayed. Yet Zayed Humanitarian Day is not only an occasion to remember. It is also a moment when we teach our children about the character and heritage of the nation so that they inherit its values and pass them on to their children. In this way Sheikh Zayed’s unique legacy becomes an indelible part of our nation’s mission in the world.”

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