May 21, 2024
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Submit PR (Middle East News 247, menews247) offers reputed PR and marketing agencies, brands, private companies, government and semi-government companies, business and trade associations, cultural and sports associations, other organisations, and news disseminators the opportunity to submit press releases or other sponsored editorial content to our website, to take advantage of our large digital audiences spread across the entire Middle East and Africa region.

In general, we accept unsolicited PR for consideration of publication on our website.

Publishing your press release or other editorial content on our website is the perfect marketing tool to engage with your target audiences and amplify the reach of your content, especially in the Middle East and Africa region.

Benefits of publishing your PR on our website:

  • Free publicity for your PR campaigns
  • Permanent placement on the website
  • Viral social media sharing
  • 10,000K+ views per PR
  • Share PR live news URL links with clients, etc.

PR (text) submission guidelines:

  • PR submissions should not replicate editorial or commercial content on other digital platforms.
  • PR submissions must be in Word format, ideally, sent as an email attachment. We do not encourage PDF format.
  • PR submissions must include a headline/heading in bold that summarises the PR content. Include two bulleted standfirsts.
  • PR submissions must ideally include a footnote/boilerplate/backgrounder that provides additional information about the featured entity/entities, including a hyperlink to the official website of the featured entity/entities.
  • PR submissions’ Word files must include image captions at the bottom of the PR. Do not expect our editors to try to figure out what supplied images represent and how they tie into the submitted PR.
  • PR submissions’ Word files must be in a maximum of 2 colours: black and an additional colour. Avoid using other colours, highlights, italics, superscripts, subscripts, strikethroughs, emojis, clip art, etc.
  • PR submissions’ Word files can include a maximum of one hyperlink relevant to the submitted content.
  • PR submission’s Word files can feature any regular font family (ideally Arial or Calibri), with adequate spacing between sentences and paragraphs. Ideally, submit your content with single spacing between sentences and no indention.
  • PR submissions must be in English, well-written, clear, to the point, and well-structured.
  • PR submissions must ideally use UK (British) spellings over US spellings.
  • PR submissions can be of any word count, with a minimum of 300 words.
  • PR submissions must be free of plagiarism of any kind.
  • PR submission must be civil and respectful in tone throughout.
  • PR submissions must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other GCC nations.
  • PR submissions must be thoroughly spell-checked to ensure that the names of individuals, companies, etc., are 100% accurate.
  • PR submissions must include the sender’s first and last name, work designation, company name, mobile number, landline number, and email contact details. The sender bears full legal and other responsibility for the submitted PR.

PR (image and multimedia) submission guidelines:

  • Editorial images relevant to the submitted PR may be emailed as attachments or via file transfer site links (WeTransfer, etc.).
  • Avoid embedding images and other visual content in the email body, as extracting them is time-consuming for our editors.
  • Submitted images and other visual content must not have copyright or legal restrictions involving digital reproduction.
  • Images should have a brief file name relevant to the submitted PR. For example, name the image file as ‘art exhibition’ instead of simply ‘DSC_7690’.
  • Images and other content emailed to us via file transfer sites (WeTransfer, etc.) should have a valid link for at least seven days.
  • If possible, credit the images you send. If not, our editors may credit the images to sources mentioned in the PR.
  • Submit images only in .jpeg or .png format.
  • Our featured image size (the main image for each post) is 600x314px (pixels). Our website image resizer software will resize the images to 600x314px for supplied images different to this size.
  • For our featured image (the main image for each post), only submit images in landscape orientation, not portrait orientation. This is especially important when sending us headshots.
  • Multimedia files (video) can be emailed to us via popular file transfer sites (WeTransfer, etc.) using MP4 format.
  • Multimedia content submitted to us for publishing on our website and social media channels must not have copyright or other legal restrictions. For example, there should be no restrictions on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

PR submission review process:

  • Our editors receive hundreds of PR and other editorial submissions from across the globe daily. Despite this intense pressure, our highly skilled editors endeavour to review submissions within 24-48 hours of being emailed to us.
  • We will strive to publish your PR within 24-48 hours of emailing it.
  • PR and other editorial content deemed of news value to our audiences will feature in the PRESS RELEASES category. See here:
  • Due to the sheer volume of PR and other editorial content we receive, we cannot provide feedback (email or otherwise) to queries about when the submitted PR and other editorial content will be published on the website.
  • If your PR is not published on our website after 48 hours of sending it in, please check the website before emailing us a reminder.

Where to submit?
Email your PR and other editorial content along with images to [email protected]

How to contact us?
Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or support on submitting PR.

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp number: +971 56 852 2508