March 5, 2024

Abu Dhabi Family Forum kicks off on Friday

Under the patronage of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union (GWU), President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood (SCMC), Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF) and ‘Mother of the Nation’, the fourth edition of Abu Dhabi Family Forum 2023 which is organized by the Family Development Foundation (FDF) under the theme “ Cohesive Family, Sustainable Community” will be held from  December 8 to 15, 2023, at Hudayriyat Island , Abu Dhabi.

Her Excellency Maryam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director General of FDF, highlighted the significant role of the forum, which will be held under the umbrella of H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Excellence and Community Intelligence Program, one of the key projects of FDF, in consolidating the position of families as an active partner in achieving the goals of comprehensive sustainable development. In addition, the event will identify phenomena, issues and challenges families face and assist in discovering innovative techniques and solutions that can help retain their cohesion and stability to explore the potential of talented and creative entrepreneurs and people of determination. Furthermore, the program capitalises on the experiences of senior citizens and elevates societal responsibility of families. It further offers opportunities to support creative and distinguished people ensuring their active engagement in community service. 

In addition, Her Excellency underscored FDF’s unwavering commitment, which operates in accordance with the vision and directives of HE Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, ‘Mother of Nation’, to encourage family stability and imbed positive values in the society. The Foundation’s effort also ensures optimal investment in expertise, human capabilities and unique cadres to continue the development of country by curating projects that reflect the realities of life away from the virtual world, which has a strong influence on the demographics, particularly children and young people. It also contributes to the development of a conscious generation capable of improving itself and the community, as the forum targets its guests in positive and unprecedented ways that meet the aspirations of all visitors.

HE Al Rumaithi further pointed out that the fourth edition of Abu Dhabi Family forum, which was initially scheduled to be held in 2024, is anticipated to witness participation of thousands of visitors. This year, the forum will increase its capabilities to include wide array of activities and interactive programs such as entertainment activities, educational exhibitions, artificial intelligence (AI) workshops and games, to attract attendees from different professions. The Forum will also provide large number of stalls that will meet the demands of the visitors. 

“The fourth Abu Dhabi Family Forum seeks to combine the values of community intelligence and innovation, invest in energies, encourage community cohesion, raise awareness on government services, particularly digital services for families and their social conditions and facilitate access to them. Through these efforts, the forum will aid in developing a robust relationship between members of society and various government and service institutions that is defined by transparency, credibility, responsibility and adherence to laws,” she added.

Furthermore, she highlighted that the fourth edition of the forum will extensively contribute to allowing families to boost their capabilities and positively cope with future circumstances while retaining its stability and sense of national identity. This is in line with a vision that aims to develop children’s skills, encourage the constructive use of their varied energy, and activate their role in society. Additionally, it seeks to support SMEs and entrepreneurs, restore the UAE’s cultural heritage and instil a culture of entrepreneurship in the next generation. Furthermore, it seeks to empower institutions to discern the true needs of families, exchange best practices with affiliated organisations, and expand their offerings to support coherent families and a sustainable society.

Ousha Salem Al Suwaidi, Project Manager at FDF, said: “The fourth Abu Dhabi Family Forum is designed on four key pillars which are, Sustainable Family, Business Leadership, Children of the Future, and Emirati Heritage. The forum will also include various other events.”

Al Suwaidi highlighted the relevance of sustainable family in the next phase as well as for present and future social services, with an emphasis on digital and smart services that guarantee prompt and effective responses to families in various circumstances and help provide prevention, protection and appropriate intervention that allows families to carry out their natural functions and improve their quality of life. The intention here is to highlight the leading role that empowered future families will play in the upcoming phase to enable families to strengthen its capabilities and preserve its cohesion and unity, while also enabling them to positively interact with the challenges they may face in light of future social changes.

Further, she highlighted the significance of the Business Leadership as one of the key pillars of the UAE’s economy in its 50s, by educating families on the relevance of entrepreneurial thinking to achieve their objectives, improve their lives and well-being and aid in the nation’s economic development. She also pointed out the relevance of raising awareness on global development in the realm of entrepreneurial strategies that helps improve family productivity and support future industrial sectors of the country. This can be attained by providing creative ideas and opportunities for families and youth to develop their concept into projects and equipping them with key knowledge, skills and tools to establish an entrepreneurial project that keeps pace with the developments of the global and local market in accordance with the requirements of the 50s.

“The Children of the Future” pillar helps in exciting and entertaining education of children, encouraging them to be active learners in society and their families. Learning through play and entertainment helps the child grow and develop in a healthy and natural way by developing sensory and contact communication, and strengthening the link between the child, parents and the environment. This is an essential part of a child’s cognitive, social and emotional growth, which increases their intelligence, flexibility and sense of well-being. Through a variety of educational and emotionally charged activities and events, this aspect seeks to improve their overall development. These experiences will help them develop the skills, habits and values that will nurture their personalities and help them become responsible, self-aware individuals who are aware of their responsibilities and the needs of their community,” she added.

Al Suwaidi emphasised that the forum supports the Emirati Heritage, which is a significant aspect of UAE history and culture. It serves as the source of the nation’s real values, language, customs, beliefs and way of life, all of which serve to define its culture and sense of national identity. It is seen as a vital component in forming both national and personal identity, as well as a bridge for intergenerational contact and one of the main pillars in the process of development and construction. This aspect highlights the life lived by parents and ancestors in the past, which led to the evolved life we lead today, by focusing on Emirati heritage in all the inherited traditions relating to social life, cuisine culture, marriage, religious ceremonies, handicrafts and folk arts.

The third edition of Abu Dhabi Family Forum concluded last year with great responses from the participants. They expressed their gratitude and appreciation to HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, ‘Mother of the Nation’, who gives special place to family in her priorities and concerns. Furthermore, participants commended on the commitment of FDF, which plays a significant role in catering to all segments of society and bringing joy to families through various aspects of this forum and its accompanying elements such awards, competitions and entertainment events.

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