April 15, 2024
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25+ Chinese universities will be at GETEX to promote education in China

Building on the country’s unparalleled economic advancement and infrastructure development, universities in China are well placed to offer best-in-class education in multiple subject areas such as engineering, medicine, research and all sciences. A case in point is AI, Robotics and Machine Learning that is driving manufacturing in China, which has risen to be one of […]

China names its upcoming lunar exploration assets

Lunar lander is ‘Lanyue’ and crew spaceship is ‘Mengzhou’ China has officially disclosed the names of its forthcoming lunar exploration assets, marking a significant stride in the nation’s space endeavours. The lunar lander, set to transport Chinese astronauts (also known as taikonauts) to the moon’s surface, is named ‘Lanyue’ or ‘Embracing the Moon’, drawing

China’s MSA Capital Signs Landmark MoU with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment

In a landmark development for Asia to Saudi Arabia cross border business and innovation, MSA Capital via its emerging markets investment arm MSA Novo and the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) signed a memorandum of understanding to bolster economic cooperation and foster innovation in key sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This […]

2023 World Architecture Festival declares Chinese high school is World Building of the Year

Leading global brand GROHE supports the award The 2023 World Architecture Festival (WAF) has declared Huizhen High School by Approach Design Studio/Zhejiang University of Technology Engineering Design Group in China as the World Building of the Year. The ultimate accolades of World Building of the Year, World Interior of the Year, Future Project of the […]