December 4, 2023
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Action Manufacturing offers mobility-impaired users the freedom to explore the great outdoors

US company makes Action Trackchair range of all-terrain wheelchairs

Action Manufacturing, the Minnesota, US-based producer of all-terrain powered wheelchairs, exhibited the Axis, its latest Action Trackchair model, at AccessAbilities Expo 2023, the B2B/B2C event for people with disabilities, held at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 9-11, 2023.

Action Manufacturing’s participation in AccessAbilities 2023 marked the first time the US company presented its award-winning Action Trackchair branded all-terrain wheelchairs in the Middle East.

The family-run company has been producing all-terrain wheelchairs since 2008, selling upwards of 600 units in the continental US annually.

Action Trackchair
The Axis model retails for about AED71,392 ($19,400) in the UAE. Image: Arnold Pinto

Action Manufacturing is the only all-terrain wheelchair company with a global fleet of authorised dealers and regular community events.

Range of models

The Action Trackchair range is available with a one-year warranty and is suitable for off-road use. The lineup includes eight models – Axis, ST, TR, NT/NR, STS, Eagle, Falcon, and Hawk – each model featuring flip-up arms, zero-turn radius, 20A battery charger, dual-port USB charger, and twin 12V 100A batteries.

Introducing the Axis model to ‘Middle East News 247’ at AccessAbilities Expo 2023, Matt Bottelberghe, Sales Manager at Action Manufacturing, said the Axis model has a retail price tag of approximately AED71,392 ($19,400) in the UAE.

Bottelberghe added that the Axis unit the company was exhibiting at AccessAbilities Expo 2023 would be donated to a Dubai-based institution that caters to people of determination.

The story of Action Trackchair began on a cold Minnesota November weekend in 2008 when a father realised a son’s need for offroad mobility.

A broken boat seat, some electrical work, and two tracks were the ingredients to create the first Action Trackchair.

Advanced technology

The company has come a long way since that cold weekend as Action Trackchair has dramatically expanded the world of individuals with mobility impairments.

In the last 14 years, Action Manufacturing has been designing, testing, and optimising every part and component of the Action Trackchair variants so riders with mobility issues experience the best all-terrain wheelchair globally, even in off-road conditions.

Action Trackchair
Every Action Trackchair unit is ideal for off-road use in mud, sand, snow, and some water. Image: Arnold Pinto

The uniqueness of every all-terrain wheelchair made by the company is the ability to give people with mobility concerns the freedom to explore the great outdoors, however uneven and rugged the terrain is, said Bottelberghe, adding this freedom extends to most outdoor landscapes, ranging from low-angle desert dunes to beaches.

 According to Bottelberghe, every Action Trackchair model has a maximum speed of between 3-4.5kmph and undergoes a rigorous controlled ability test, real-world testing, and demanding conditions. This involves mud, sand, snow, and water.

Customisation possibilities

Each Action Trackchair model can be customised with a range of accessories, add-ons and augments, including headrest, LED headlight, tool/gun holder, rifle rest, four-point harness, cup holder, fishing pole holder, snow plough, attendant control, transfer handle, rear utility rack, umbrella holder, oxygen tank holder, utility box + brackets, utility tray, saddlebags pockets and cup holder, lateral leg supports, toggle switch box, comfort armrest and cushions, goal post joystick, and transport carrier.

Bottelberghe said Action Manufacturing is searching for distributors for its Action Trackchair range in the UAE and the rest of the GCC region.

Featured image: Action Manufacturing booth at AccessAbilities Expo 2023. Image: Arnold Pinto

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