Boiffils Architectures beautifies Singapore Airport terminal
July 25, 2024

Boiffils Architectures beautifies Singapore Airport terminal

By integrating elements of nature

Boiffils Architectures, a Paris-based firm reputed for its innovative architectural and design solutions across global markets, has unveiled its transformative expansion of Terminal 2 at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

The ambitious project spans 120,000 square metres over three levels and marks a significant milestone in airport architecture. It redefines the traveller experience with a harmonious blend of nature and technology.

Founded in 1984 by Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils,  Boiffils Architectures has carved a niche in the design world. It is particularly noted for its work with prestigious retail brands and luxury shopping destinations across Asia.

Under the leadership of Basile Boiffils, the firm’s second generation,  Boiffils Architectures, has expanded its portfolio significantly, including landmark projects in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and India.

Unique design

The Terminal 2 expansion at Changi Airport represents a departure from traditional airport design paradigms.

Initially constructed in the 1990s and later renovated in 2003, Terminal 2 epitomised efficiency over passenger comfort. Boiffils Architectures aimed to reimagine this space as a serene and engaging environment, rich in sensory experiences, inspired by Singapore’s reputation as a ‘Garden City’.

Their vision included integrating elements of nature throughout the departure and arrival halls, creating a sanctuary amidst the bustling terminal.

“We wanted to infuse the airport experience with tranquillity and pleasure, challenging conventional notions of airport functionality,” explained Basile Boiffils.

The Departure Hall’s biophilic concept is central to the redesign. Credit: Changi Airport Group/Fabian Ong

“Our design philosophy centred on enhancing the traveller’s journey through visual, auditory, and interactive elements that evoke the natural world.”

The renovation project encompassed meticulous planning and execution, involving complex collaborations with Changi Airport Group and various specialist consultants.

Boiffils Architectures leveraged its expertise in shopping mall design to optimise space and circulation within the terminal, ensuring a seamless and welcoming environment for passengers. This attention to detail reassures the audience of the quality and thoughtfulness of the design.

Biophilic concept

The Departure Hall’s biophilic concept is central to the redesign, featuring lush vegetation, cascading water features, and natural materials. The architects aimed to humanise the airport experience, employing warm earth tones and artisanal finishes to counter the traditionally sterile airport aesthetic.

Custom-designed lighting and acoustic solutions enhance the ambience, reducing noise levels and creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

“We aimed to create spaces that blur the boundaries between architecture and landscape, offering travellers a sensory journey that starts from the moment they enter Terminal 2,” added Boiffils.

A highlight of the terminal’s new features is ‘The Wonderful’, a monumental digital waterfall installation in the Departure Hall. Created in collaboration with multimedia studio Moment Factory, this immersive display combines advanced technology with natural elements, providing passengers with a captivating visual and auditory experience.

In addition to enhancing passenger comfort, sustainability was a core focus of the project. Terminal 2 achieved Platinum certification under Singapore’s Green Mark scheme, underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency.

The terminal’s design incorporates eco-friendly materials and systems, ensuring long-term sustainability without compromising luxury or functionality.

Completing Terminal 2’s expansion represents a triumph of innovative design and collaborative effort. Despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic,  Boiffils Architectures and Changi Airport Group delivered the project ahead of schedule, further solidifying their partnership and commitment to excellence in airport design.

As Boiffils reflects on the project’s success, he emphasises the importance of creating a coherent design language that resonates with the architectural vision and the client’s aspirations.

“With Terminal 2, we set out to redefine the airport experience, offering travellers not just a gateway but a memorable journey through spaces that evoke tranquillity and connection with nature,” concluded Boiffils.

Completing Terminal 2’s expansion is a testament to  Boiffils Architectures’ prowess in architectural innovation and sets a new standard for airport design worldwide.

Featured image: Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 has been certified Platinum under Singapore’s Green Mark scheme. Credit: Changi Airport Group/Fabian Ong

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