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July 18, 2024

Emaar, The Economic City signs agreement with Aramex to advance logistics sustainability in KAEC

Emaar, The Economic City, the master-developer of King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), has signed an agreement with Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, to implement sustainable and value-added logistics solutions in KAEC to minimise environmental impact and enhance operational efficiency.

The agreement was signed by Sami Al-Najrani, Chief Operating Officer and Advisor to the Chairman, KAEC; and Mahmoud Asha, General Manager for Western Region, Aramex, on behalf of Mr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Nuwaiser, the General Manager, during a ceremony attended by numerous renowned personalities. Rayan Albakri, Deputy Minister of Logistics Services at the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services; Mazen AlSaleh, Vice Secretary General – Economic Cites at Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA); and Mansour Al Salem, the Managing Director of Emaar, The Economic City, attended this ceremony.

By adopting a phased approach, both parties will implement various innovative logistics solutions in multiple phases, with phase 1 entailing the deployment of Aramex Bot deliveries in selected areas, such as Baylasan and Marina Areas, which will allow the introduction of diverse technologies. This will contribute to enabling maximum convenience, enhancing operational speed and efficiency, reducing cost, as well as driving sustainability.

The agreement further includes numerous provisions, all of which are aimed at paving the way for green logistics within KAEC, emphasising its commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability. It provides numerous benefits for all the stakeholders involved, including improved environmental sustainability and enhanced logistical capabilities. The first multi-compartment robot used for logistics operations, custom-designed by Aramex through the support of its partner Ottonomy, allows for multiple deliveries per trip, thus optimizing overall operations and paving the way for cheaper delivery costs. Moreover, robot deliveries follow optimal routes, avoid traffic and manoeuvre through congested urban areas with minimal disruption, significantly improving delivery speed and efficiency. In addition, since Bots are electrically powered and emit zero emissions, their integration would substantially lower carbon footprints. Through the flexibility of scaling up and down the Bot fleet, it can additionally adapt to both peak and off-peak seasons. It also complies with traffic regulations with the use of advanced sensors and algorithms to efficiently identify obstructions and prevent collisions.

Mansour Al-Salem, Managing Director of Emaar, The Economic City, said: “We are pleased to sign this agreement with Aramex, a leading courier firm in the Middle East. We are confident that this strategic alliance will contribute to achieving the goals of the Saudi  Vision 2030, which serves as a blueprint for fostering sustainability and innovation. Furthermore, this agreement marks a significant stride towards advancing green logistics within KAEC as well as reflects our steadfast commitment to reducing environmental impact and fostering sustainability. We seek to implement a variety of eco-friendly logistics solutions under this agreement, particularly Bot deliveries, which would be implemented for the first time in KSA.”

KAEC, places a high priority on reducing waste, leveraging green technologies and minimising carbon emissions. Shipping and transportation both contribute to pollution and environmental harm, and sustainable logistics help mitigate these effects. Utilising eco-friendly fuels, following better routes and using cleaner vehicles, in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, will assist in this mission. Bot deliveries by Aramex minimise carbon footprints as they operate entirely on electricity and produce zero emissions.

Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Nowaiser, General Manager of Aramex, said: “We are keen to provide our eco-friendly solutions, paving the way for sustainable logistics in KAEC, as part of our strategic alliance with Emaar and The Economic City. We at Aramex are dedicated to promoting innovation and implementing eco-friendly solutions that improve our logistical capabilities and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. We aim to employ these capabilities, along with our cutting-edge solutions, to support KAEC’s objective of providing value-added, eco-friendly logistics services to its residents as well as contribute to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 of transforming the logistics industry.”

With ambitious goals, Saudi Arabia seeks to transform into an ecologically friendly country as well as become a leader in sustainable development. Several initiatives that promote smart, sustainable and digital development have been carried out by the country in an effort to usher into a new era of prosperity and expansion. To contribute to Saudi Arabia’s mission for sustainability, KAEC has initiated several green activities and initiatives.

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