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July 20, 2024

Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association Raises Awareness of its Creative Support Role at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

The Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association (ERRA) wrapped up its second consecutive participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair with an independent pavilion. Throughout the event, ERRA effectively disseminated knowledge on the significance of copyright protection and the rights of literary works to the general public, as well as engaging with rights holders, including writers and publishers, to expand its memberships and authorisations. ERRA also sealed partnership agreements with several relevant institutions.

As part of its activities, the association conducted an educational workshop titled ‘The Concept of reprographyright and Digital Solutions’ in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation. During this session, Mohammed Al Matrooshi, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, and Majd Al Shehhi, Director of the Association, provided insightful explanations to writers and publishers regarding reprographyright concepts and collective rights management.

The workshop also delved into ERRA’s pivotal role in safeguarding the rights of writers and publishers while fostering creativity, highlighting the digital solutions tailored to the contemporary technological landscape and drawing inspiration from global best practices in collective rights management.

During the book fair, ERRA forged several significant partnerships, notably an agreement with TRENDS Research & Advisory to facilitate data exchange, particularly concerning universities and libraries in the UAE. Additionally, ERRA held a meeting with a delegation from the Egyptian Publishers Association, led by Farid Zahrane, aiming to exchange experiences and explore the possibility of future agreements between the two parties.

Majd Al Shehhi highlighted the association’s enthusiastic participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, esteemed as one of the premier cultural gatherings in the Arab world. She emphasised its significance as a platform for engaging with writers, publishers, and cultural institutions at the national level, fostering awareness about copyright laws, and promoting the lawful utilisation of published content. Al Shehhi underscored the association’s unique role as the sole centre for collective reprographyright management in the UAE.

She added: “We view ourselves as collaborators in the creative journey of writers and authors, offering support and safeguarding their works to ensure they receive the rightful compensation for their efforts. Hence, we seize every opportunity, such as this esteemed book fair, to amplify our message to a wide audience and encourage them to avail themselves of our services. Moreover, we endeavour to raise awareness among society members regarding the significance of respecting copyright laws and acknowledging creators’ contributions.”

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