April 16, 2024

Gulf Craft Unveils line-up of 15 Yachts & Boats for Dubai International Boat Show 2024

Under the banner of “Legacy in Motion,” Gulf Craft is gearing up to captivate attendees at the 30th Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) with an extraordinary line-up of 15 yachts & boats, epitomising luxury, innovation, and craftsmanship. Set against the backdrop of Dubai Harbour from February 28th to March 3rd, 2024, this landmark event promises an unparalleled showcase of maritime excellence, with Gulf Craft at its forefront.

Majesty Yachts:

Gulf Craft proudly presents its luxury superyacht brand – Majesty Yachts. Showcasing the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication on the water. Anticipation builds as whispers suggest an imminent addition to the Majesty Yachts collection, poised to redefine luxury yachting with its visionary design and ground-breaking features.

  • Majesty 111
  • Majesty 100
  • Majesty 62
  • Majesty New Launch

Nomad Yachts:

The Nomad Yachts brand embodies Gulf Craft’s commitment to Adventure yachting, positioning the shipyard at the forefront of this growing trend within the industry.

  • Nomad 101
  • Nomad 75
  • Nomad 70
  • Nomad 65

Oryx & Silvercraft:

Renowned for exhilarating performance, exceptional comfort, and timeless style, Oryx and Silvercraft boats deliver unforgettable moments on the water, blending speed with luxury. From versatile sports cruisers to robust and stylish vessels, they promise exceptional speed capabilities and thrilling on-water experiences.

  • Oryx 379
  • Silvercraft 32WA


The SilverCAT series offers versatile experiences in both fishing and day boat activities, all thanks to its catamaran hull design ensuring stability in all conditions. This innovative feature not only enhances stability but also allows for seamless transitions between fishing and day boat activities.

  • SilverCAT 34HT
  • SilverCAT 34CC
  • SilverCAT 40CC
  • SilverCAT 46LUX
  • Brand-new SilverCAT 46WA

Central to Gulf Craft’s vision of “Legacy in Motion” are its flagship models, the Majesty 111 and the Nomad 101. Celebrated for their ground-breaking design and unmatched performance, these vessels showcase Gulf Craft’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the luxury yacht industry.

To experience Gulf Craft’s exceptional yachts and boats first-hand, visit Stand M-50 at the Dubai International Boat Show or register at www.gulfcraftinc.com/dibs2024_registration for more information.

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