May 21, 2024

Masimo Founder and CEO Joe Kiani to Speak on AI at Global Patient Safety Summit in Chile

Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) today announced that its Founder and CEO, Joe Kiani, will be a featured speaker tomorrow, April 17, at the 6th Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety. Kiani’s speech, “Empowering Patient Safety Through AI,” will discuss how artificial intelligence-based technologies, by analyzing both historical and immediate data, can help clinicians prevent errors of omission, improving patient safety, patient outcomes, and clinician efficiency.

As Kiani will note, Masimo’s AI-powered medical technologies, including those used as part of the Masimo Hospital Automation™ family of solutions available today, can ease the burden of staffing shortages by improving clinician efficiency. Furthermore, by integrating and analyzing patient data from a variety of sources, in real time, such technology can provide greater situational awareness than alarms alone and help predict increases in patient risk, prompting clinicians to intervene sooner to catch physiological deterioration before a patient’s condition worsens.

“We introduced the Halo engine in 2010,” said Kiani. “Halo is the first predictive algorithm to incorporate learnings from expert clinicians to identify deterioration patterns in multiple physiological parameters simultaneously in real time to help clinicians identify patient safety issues before it’s too late. Without AI, these types of solutions would not be possible. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this very promising avenue of improving patient safety and patient care. AI – when implemented with the ingenuity, integrity, and expertise Masimo is known for – has the predictive power to help clinicians shape robust streams of patient data – both historical and immediate – into meaningful, actionable insights about their patients. Tools such as Halo ION® and the newly introduced Opioid Halo™, soon to be joined by Sepsis Halo, Activity Halo, and more, can help clinicians prioritize patient needs, make more informed decisions and more efficient diagnoses, and streamline workflows in numerous ways. At Masimo, we have always championed patient safety, and we’re particularly excited to collaborate with caregivers around the world to advance patient safety using AI.”

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