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July 20, 2024

Plocamium Holdings Launches New Service Targeting Middle Market Companies

Plocamium Holdings (“PH”), a newly launched private equity services firm, announced today it has begun working with middle market companies and sponsors to improve growth and drive greater returns and performance for those companies and investors.

PH offers a unique suite of expertise that can evaluate a company’s strengths and weaknesses from the C-Suite to the factory floor. It has begun working with companies in the global Healthcare Technology and Services, Defense, Industrial Technology, and Containers and Packaging sectors and is a trusted partner of companies with enterprise values between $10m and $500m.

“We believe that our hands-on approach, data literacy, and focus on operational issues set us apart in the global private equity landscape,” said James Tannahill, PH’s President. “This is a $5 billion to $10 billion market in the United States, growing to more than $20 billion globally. These are companies that the large multi-national consultancies think are too small to work with, but we see as potentially significant success stories of greater value creation.”

PH is partnering with sovereign wealth funds, middle-market private equity sponsors, and high-quality businesses that possess significant growth potential. The firm began as a single family office over 70 years ago rooted in container manufacturing and fabricated metal products, and in 2024 launched its consulting services.

PH’s investment philosophy is to examine a company’s operational approach and through rigor and innovation help lead it to greater productivity and efficiency and realize greater returns for owners and investors.

“We look at the firm from top to bottom,” Tannahill said, and “we identify opportunities unique to the company. Then we create a plan and execute against it, creating cash generation initiatives to help it, its partners, and investors compete and prosper in their respective global markets.”

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