June 26, 2024

Savoye to highlight significance of AI and automation solutions in supply chain and logistics sector at Seamless Middle East 2024

Savoye, a leading global warehouse automation integrator and software publisher in the Middle East, will dive deep into the limitless possibilities set forth by automation and artificial intelligence in the logistics and supply chain sector at the Seamless Middle East 2024.

The yearly gathering of industry leaders from sectors, including eCommerce, retail, payments, and logistics, Seamless Middle East 2024 will set forth an ideal platform for Savoye to showcase its leading expertise in the supply chain and logistics sector. It will also assist the company in identifying the challenges and meeting the evolving demands of the thriving market. During the event, Savoye will present its most recent innovations, solutions, and capabilities at Seamless Middle East, including its state-of-the-art ACR (Autonomous Case-Handling Robots) and ODATiO software solutions, which are intended to transform warehouse operations, increase supply chain efficiency, and meet other requirements of the sector.

The dynamic logistics and supply chain sector of the Middle East region has undergone continuous development to effectively meet the evolving demands of retailers by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The eCommerce continues to be the primary growth engine for warehouse automation technologies worldwide, and this holds true even in the Middle East. The demand for additional warehouse space and the deployment of automation technologies within the warehouse are significantly being driven by the eCommerce fulfilment. Projections indicate that the Middle East’s warehouse automation market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.5 per cent to reach USD 1.6 billion by 2025.

Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director of Savoye Middle East, stated: “We are pleased to participate in the Seamless Middle East 2024, one of the biggest events that highlight latest innovations across various sectors, including eCommerce, retail, payments, and logistics. During the event, we seek to present our innovative solutions and technologies that will advance the growth of the logistics and supply chain industry.”

He added: “The Middle East region has been actively investing in cutting-edge solutions to enhance operational efficiency and adaptability, recognising the importance of warehouse automation. Warehousing operations are crucial to the success of supply chain-based enterprises. Automation delivers several notable benefits, such as enhanced space utilisation, optimised inventory management, and reduced labour supply shortages and costs. Post pandemic, investments in warehouse robots have increased substantially, indicating a paradigm switch towards robust and flexible logistics infrastructure. By participating in this event, we aim to highlight the significance of AI and automation technologies in increasing the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations.”

Savoye has been serving the logistics and supply chain industry of the Middle East with its prowess in software, automation, solution design and integration as well as host of all-encompassing solutions. The company recently upgraded its ODATiO software to boost efficiency and productivity of the logistics and supply chain industry in the region. The recent upgrade incorporates an Order Management System, which elevates the overall experience for businesses and effectively meets customer needs and requirements.

As a leader in the supply chain sector, Savoye is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. The company’s overarching goal is to provide innovative solutions that benefit the environment as well as the companies across the world in a sustainable way. At the Seamless Middle East 2024, Savoye will interact with prospective clients, partners, and industry peers to promote cooperation, exchange knowledge, as well as shape the future of supply chain management and logistics in the region.

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