May 21, 2024

3DXB Group participates in ‘Arab Housing Forum 2023’

3DXB Group, a leading force in advancing the future of sustainable housing through innovative 3D printing construction technologies, has wrapped up its participation in the recently concluded ‘Arab Housing and Community Development Forum 2023’ in Abu Dhabi.

Themed ‘Projecting the Future of Housing and Sustainable Community Development’, this specialised forum gathered influential industry leaders, stakeholders, and experts to deliberate on the evolution of sustainable housing development in the Arab region.

During the forum, 3DXB Group played an integral role in advancing the dialogue on construction innovation and affordability by participating in various discussions alongside industry peers and experts.

One significant panel discussion, titled ‘Utilising modular construction, 3D Printing, and precast to reduce construction cost and enable housing affordability’, featured Basel Khalid Mohammed, Technical and factory Manager at 3DXB Group, as a panellist.

In the discussion, he highlighted the critical role of modular construction, precast methods, and 3D printing in achieving cost-efficiency, scalability, and accelerated project delivery.

The discussion revolved around strategies to enhance labour safety, minimise construction costs, bridge the demand gap, and eliminate weather-related delays by adopting controlled environment fabrication.

In another panel discussion, ‘Improving construction operations, labour safety, and reducing costs through innovative technologies’, Basel Khalid Mohammed continued to share valuable insights.

The discussion revolved around several critical themes, including waste reduction, highlighting how 3D printing’s precision could significantly reduce material wastage, making construction more sustainable and cost-effective. Another pivotal topic was the utilization of aerial drone surveying, emphasizing its potential to reduce expenses and improve data accuracy in construction projects.

The transition towards AI automation in construction operations was also explored, emphasising how automation can streamline processes, enhance safety, and reduce labour costs.

3DXB Group’s robust presence at the Arab Housing Forum 2023 underscores its unwavering commitment to pioneering sustainable housing solutions, firmly aligned with the UAE vision poised to revolutionize the construction industry by promoting 3D printing in construction.

Beyond embracing sustainable housing practices and harnessing 3D printing innovations, 3DXB Group seized the ‘Arab Housing and Community Development Forum 2023’ to foster meaningful collaborations and partnerships with industry peers and stakeholders, united by a shared vision of revolutionizing construction through 3D printing technology.

The company firmly believes that these strategic alliances are instrumental in driving positive change and accelerating the adoption of 3D printing within the construction and housing sectors.

By actively engaging with peers and experts, 3DXB Group aims to solidify its role as a catalyst for innovation and sustainability, all underpinned by the transformative potential of 3D printing construction.

Badar Rashid AlBlooshi, Chairman of 3DXB Group, underscored the significance of this participation, stating, “3DXB Group’s active involvement in the ‘Arab Housing and Community Development Forum 2023’ serves as a resounding testament to our unyielding dedication to advancing sustainability and innovation within the construction industry through 3D printing construction.

“Considering region-wide growth, including monumental projects and a remarkable market expansion, we acknowledge the critical importance of addressing the surging housing needs of our population.

“The forum provided an invaluable platform for us to collaborate with industry leaders and stakeholders, all driven by our shared vision of a 3D-printed sustainable housing future.”

3DXB Group’s role at the forum underscores its commitment to pioneering 3D printing construction solutions as a cornerstone of sustainable housing development in the region. By combining innovative 3D printing technologies with sustainable practices, the company aims to reshape the landscape of the Arab housing industry, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for all.

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