May 28, 2024

‘71 Climate Heroes’ initiative launched, offering UAE’s SMEs free emissions assessment

In a bid to help SMEs automate and measure their emissions reduction without breaking the bank, ImpactGulf has launched the ‘71 Climate Heroes’ initiative in the UAE. The company is offering 71 UAE-registered businesses and institutions, regardless of their size, turnover, workforce, facilities, or geographic footprint, a complimentary quantification of their greenhouse gas emissions for the past five years (2018 – 2022).

Open to companies of all sizes with a focus on SMEs, this opportunity is exclusive to the first 71 companies in the UAE that register by December 2, 2023.

Commenting on the initiative, Yassin Nasri, Founder & CEO of ImpactGulf stated: “The establishment of the UAE in 1971 ignited an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity. The wise leadership of this nation has consistently been at the forefront of tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges, seizing opportunities for advancement, and pioneering sustainability. Today, the UAE frames the urgent issue of climate change as an opportunity to modernize society, sustainably. This forward-thinking approach inspired the launch of our ‘71 Climate Heroes’ initiative.”

This initiative aims to assist UAE businesses in navigating the cost and complexity of climate action and embark on a journey towards achieving net zero emissions.

“We particularly encourage SMEs to join this initiative and seize this opportunity. Climate action can pose significant challenges for smaller companies, and we aim to alleviate these hurdles,” Yassin added.

ImpactGulf is collaborating with Berlin-based carbon accounting firm CarbonZE. This partnership will deliver an automated digital solution enabling companies to link their financial data and ERP systems, and manage their greenhouse gas emissions seamlessly. The intuitive dashboard allows businesses to view their emissions instantly and choose emission reduction measures according to the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

“We urge larger corporations already on the path to net zero to support this initiative. Whether through encouragement or financial aid, these corporations can assist smaller businesses within their supply chain and partner companies in decarbonizing their operations. After all, a true climate hero is not only one who takes climate action but also one who enables others to do so,” Yassin concluded.

The ‘71 Climate Heroes’ initiative is in line with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, reflecting the country’s commitment to environmental preservation. The initiative also complements the broader global efforts towards climate action, as emphasized in the upcoming 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28). By enabling UAE companies to reduce their carbon footprint and progress towards net-zero emissions, this initiative contributes to the global response to the climate emergency. It underscores the UAE’s position as a leader in sustainability, not only in the Middle East but also on the global stage.

Apart from its digital solution that automates the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions, ImpactGulf also analyses business operations and proposes measures to engage employees, partners and customers, improving efficiency and enhancing brand value while reducing emissions.

ImpactGulf is a signatory to the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge, a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, an officially approved member of the Greentech Alliance, and was selected by Shell Middle East and StartUpbootcamp for Shell StartUp Engine UAE 2022.

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