May 26, 2024

A Riyadh Exhibition Displays The Futuristic City “THE LINE” by NEOM

In Riyadh, an exhibition showcasing a smart city being constructed as one of the NEOM projects in northwest Saudi Arabia has opened. The exhibition, which will run until April 29, 2023, at the Diriyah Biennale Foundation for Contemporary Art in Riyadh’s Jax district, will showcase the revolutionary architectural designs and urban planning concepts used in constructing THE LINE development. In the linear city of the future, tourists will get a taste of a world without streets, cars, and pollution. 

The project’s spokesperson told Arab News that the future has arrived. THE LINE, unlike conventional cities, will be powered entirely by renewable energy, place emphasis on health, and work to improve the overall quality of life for its citizens and visitors. The city, which will be 500 meters above sea level, 170 kilometers in length, and 200 meters wide, will help preserve 95 percent of NEOM’s land, as he claims, and will also contribute to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the spokesman emphasized that there would be no automobiles on the island but rather a high-speed railway that would transport locals and tourists alike.

He explained that the idea behind THE LINE’s layout was a new approach to city planning called zero gravity urbanism, which involves stacking city services vertically so that people can easily navigate the city by going up, down, or across. This allows for convenient access to places like work, school, and recreation, as well as housing.


With an emphasis on human well-being and the preservation of natural resources, THE LINE represents a paradigm shift in human civilization. It challenges conventional ideas about how and where people live and how cities should grow and change. THE LINE’s innovative modular layout puts all essential services within a five-minute stroll of any location on THE LINE. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers can be grown in half the time using hydroponics gardens because of their innovative design, which requires less space and water. Also, with the perfect climate all year long, residents can take pleasure in the outdoors whenever they please. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced THE LINE in July 2022, saying it would be home to 9 million people.

Also, one of NEOM’s many ongoing megaprojects is Trojena. It is a year-round winter sports complex designed by Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid. In 2029, the Asian Winter Games will be held at what will be the first outdoor ski resort in the GCC region. 


Riyadh’s THE LINE Experience Exhibition features the company’s cutting-edge Livability designs. His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman has stated that THE LINE will address the problems associated with modern city life and highlight viable solutions. NEOM is leading the delivery of new and imaginative solutions to the livability and environmental crises facing our world’s cities, he said.

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