May 28, 2024
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Abu Dhabi Introduces Innovative Recycling Bins to Combat Plastic Pollution

Abu Dhabi Introduces Innovative Recycling Bins to Combat Plastic Pollution:

Adnoc petrol stations in the Emirate are introducing new recycling bins. The aim is to encourage recycling and reduce Abu Dhabi’s single-use plastic. The machines go by the name reverse vending machines (RVMs) because they allow customers to insert used plastic bottles and aluminium cans instead of removing them.

Veolia’s Recapp initiative operates these machines that also use an incentive-based program. This program allows individuals to earn points that they can redeem at specific outlets.

Users can earn points by recycling, with 1,200 points rewarded for every 10kg of recycling. They can then redeem these points in various locations, including Carrefour, The Giving Movement, and Noon.

Adnoc will likely finish installing RVMs throughout their network by the end of next month. The RVMs are different from regular recycling bins because they provide automatic updates regarding how many deposits they make.

According to Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, who is the secretary general of EAD- the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, the RVMs would provide an attractive incentive for consumers. She further explained that rewarding people for their eco-friendly daily practices could motivate them to do even better. This is essential for creating an important impact in protecting the environment. She also added that they conducted a study to determine the best way to involve the community in promoting a recycling culture. The study found that a reward-based system would produce the best results.

Reducing Single-Use: The Role of Recycling Vending Machines (RVMs)

The scheme aims to support Abu Dhabi’s Single-Use Plastic Policy, which seeks to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic water bottles in the Emirate by 50%.

The goal of the bottle recovery initiative, as explained by Dr. Al Dhaheri, is to recover many single-use plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment. She added that a plastic bottle that is in use only once can take up to 450 years to break down completely. This can lead to the buildup of small plastic particles in both land and sea environments. This buildup has negative impacts on the variety of living things, the natural systems they inhabit, and particularly, the well-being of people. She further added that the goal is to recycle over one million single-use plastic bottles on a daily basis.

Abu Dhabi introduced a ban on single-use plastic bags over a year ago. They implemented the new scheme recently. Dr. Dhaheri stressed that the ban on single-use plastic bags in its first year was very successful. She added that they began implementing similar initiatives to decrease the use of single-use plastic in the Emirate.

Bader Al Lamki, a senior figure from Adnoc, praised the RVM project. He said that offering recycling options at their service stations was a great opportunity to engage their customers in their efforts towards sustainability. The installation of RVMs would not only aid in reducing waste and recycling plastic and aluminum, but it would also increase customer awareness regarding important environmental concerns.


In order to reduce the rate of Abu Dhabi’s single-use plastics, the Emirate is taking innovative steps to combat plastic pollution by introducing RVMs at Adnoc petrol stations. By raising awareness and providing convenient recycling opportunities, they aim to make a major impact in protecting the environment.

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