April 15, 2024
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Acronis launches bespoke automation solution for MSPs

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, has announced the general availability of Acronis Advanced Automation.

Building on the company’s proven track record of delivering integrated solutions that help partners streamline and simplify their services, Acronis Advanced Automation helps MSPs transition from simple break-fix services to cloud-centric, subscription-based services that require a new approach to billing and contract management.

Complexity is a common challenge for MSPs, driven by the numerous business initiatives focused on innovating their products, delivery models, and value-added services.

Acronis Advanced Automation is a solution for small and midsize MSPs worldwide who want to simplify and streamline their business operations.

With centralised control and management of services, complete time tracking and staff utilisation capabilities, and automated, consumption-based billing, Acronis empowers MSPs to gain complete visibility of their contracts, delivery, tickets, and work items — maximising revenue and improving client trust.

Patrick Pulvermueller, CEO of Acronis, said: “New use cases for native automation solutions continue to emerge in the IT industry. Acronis offers a product that allows MSPs worldwide to automate their operations and make better, data-driven decisions.

“Whether emerging as a startup or evolving to maturity, Acronis Advanced Automation helps service providers control and grow their managed service business.

“We are excited to continue bringing new, innovative automation tools to our Cyber Protect Cloud solution and help MSPs expand their businesses.”

Acronis Advanced Automation
The Acronis Advanced Automation platform simplifies MSPs’ workload. Image: Acronis

Acronis Advanced Automation offers MSPs robust capabilities to fuel business growth, including error-free invoices and billing, an integrated service desk, automated time tracking, and support for subscription-based services.

These capabilities enable:

  • Increased efficiency: Advanced Automation helps MSPs streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce manual effort, allowing for a greater focus on high-value activities.
  • Reduced friction in business operations: Advanced Automation simplifies support for subscription-based services.
  • Improved productivity: Advanced Automation provides a single platform for managing customer data, tickets, projects, and billing, so MSPs can save time and effort to deliver faster, more effective services ultimately.
  • Enhanced customer and employee satisfaction: Advanced Automation helps MSPs better manage customer interactions and improve communication and responsiveness, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Greater profitability: Advanced Automation automates processes and reduces manual efforts, which allows MSPs to improve their operational efficiency and profitability.

“Acronis Advanced Automation has automated our invoicing process,” said Alex Presman, President at Racom Business.

“We love how it ties in with QuickBooks and makes transferring invoices and data easy.”

Acronis Advanced Automation is available for existing Acronis MSP partners and those starting a new MSP business.

Featured image: Patrick Pulvermueller, CEO of Acronis, delivering his keynote address at the Acronis #CyberFit Summit 2022 held in Miami, Florida, and attended by global MSPs. Image: Arnold Pinto

For more information: https://www.acronis.com/en-eu/products/cloud/cyber-protect/automation/

Acronis Advanced Automation blog: https://go.acronis.com/advanced-automation-blog

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