June 25, 2024

Actions Technology’s Smart Watch SoC Adopted VeriSilicon’s 2.5D GPU IP

VeriSilicon (688521.SH) today announced that Actions Technology (688049.SH), a low-power AIoT fabless semiconductor company, has adopted VeriSilicon’s power-efficient and feature-rich 2.5D Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) IP in its highly integrated dual-mode Bluetooth smart watch SoC series, ATS3085S and ATS3089.

Featuring low power consumption and high frame rate, Actions Technology’s smart watch SoCs, ATS3085S and ATS3089 series, offer excellent graphics display performance with 2D+2.5D dual GPU hardware acceleration and support for JPEG hardware decoding. These SoCs, with their high level of integration, enable a single chip to drive display screens, run sports and health algorithms, perform Bluetooth calls, offer local audio decoding, and deliver Bluetooth audio transmission for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headsets, providing mature dual-mode Bluetooth single-chip solutions supporting low-power Bluetooth 5.3 for end products such as smart bracelets and smart watches.Currently, smart watch products powered by ATS3085S and ATS3089 series SoCs have been mass-produced and launched in the market.

VeriSilicon’s 2.5D GPU IP is designed specifically for MCU and MPU applications that require hardware-accelerated User Interface (UI) display effects, and is capable of rendering vectors, scalars, and images in low-power modes, delivering high-performance, high-quality graphics processing capabilities and superior image output. It incorporates the company’s self-developed low-level, compact VGLite API driver to support the popular Light and Versatile Graphics Library (LVGL), enabling the creation of visually appealing UI across a wide range of hardware platforms and effectively reducing the size of their resources. The GCNanoUltraV 2.5D GPU also supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with VeriSilicon’s open-source tool SvgVGLiteRenderer, which parses SVG files and renders SVG content through the VGLite API. VeriSilicon’s 2.5D GPU IP has extended support for Baidu Maps and a variety of offline map formats, offering users a richer and more useful interactive experience.

Zhenyu Zhou, Chairman and CEO of Actions Technology, said, “VeriSilicon’s 2.5D GPU IP provides our smart watch SoCs with leading graphic rendering functions, enabling smoother UI interactions and appealing visual effects. The adoption of this technology significantly enhances the user experience of smart watches, meeting diverse needs of the global market, and thereby increasing our competitive advantages in the global wearable market.”

“As the resolutions and refresh rates of smart watch screens continue to improve, customers’ requirements for GPU performance are also increasing. VeriSilicon has effectively met the diverse needs of customers and drives the development of wearable applications through continuous technology innovation and actively building an ecosystem for key GPU applications,” said Wei-Jin Dai, Executive VP and GM of IP Division at VeriSilicon. “Our 2.5D GPU IP not only provides powerful graphics processing capabilities, but also enhances the performance-to-power ratio of Actions Technology’s smart watch SoCs to meet the needs of users who wear them for extended periods of time.”

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