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July 16, 2024

Afro Baobab Events launches new change management training

Afro Baobab Events, the first African-themed event company in the UAE, today announced the launch of a new change management training, “Changing Rhythms”, to its range of corporate services. “Changing Rhythms” combines change management principles with African djembe drumming, dancing, and art. The new service offers an alternative approach to corporate team building and training programs.

According to Accenture’s 2024 Pulse of Change Index, the rate of change affecting businesses has risen by 183% over the past four years. More than half (52%) of C-suite executives do not feel fully prepared to respond to the change they will face in the 2024 business environment.

When change is constant, leaders must find new and proactive ways of adjusting to the new reality.

Change management often involves adapting to new processes and technologies and new ways of working. When a company is going through organizational changes, emphasizing on shared goals and vision for the future is a must. Organising team bonding experiences that foster a sense of unity, stronger relationships among individuals, and effective communication are essential. That is where collective drumming can help since it promotes unity and collaboration, enhances communication skills, builds trust and connection between the participants.

Drumming requires resilience and adaptability, as participants must adjust their playing in response to changes in tempo or rhythm. By participating in collective drumming activities, employees can develop resilience skills that are crucial for coping with the uncertainties and disruptions associated with organizational change.

Saran Sow Barry, Founder of Afro Baobab Events, previously worked in investment banking and change management at a credit insurance company in France. Those experiences inspired her to launch the new change management training. Throughout her career, she has seen the importance of empowering employees to embrace change and align around common goals.

Commenting on the new service, Saran Sow Barry said: “Experiential learning is a great tool for change management training. Our djembe drumming sessions are immersive and unique, and this newness fosters curiosity, adaptability, and flexibility among team members. The whole process can later help with uncertainties that come with organizational change. We also incorporate African art sessions with mask and calabash painting that encourage participants to tap into their creativity, think outside the box and explore new ways of working together. This can help stimulate innovation and problem solving skills within the team.”

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