June 13, 2024

Aggreko launches Stage 3 low emission 100% oil-free Air Compressor fleet in the region

To support the regional energy market in its move towards limiting emissions, Aggreko has launched a new oil-free air compressor line that ensures fuel-efficiency and provides a clean working environment. The 100% oil-free air compressors and air dryers from Aggreko are aimed at multiple industries like petrochemical plants, manufacturing and oil refineries to industries as diverse as food and beverage, health care and pharmaceuticals. With a large fleet of modular oil-free air compressors, dryers, and coolers at depots across the Middle East, Aggreko can quickly deliver tailor-made rental air solutions.

Oil-laden air can lead to significant disruption, from contaminating pneumatic systems to polluting critical instruments or producing unsafe environmental condensation. Whenever 100% oil-free air is crucial to the safe operation of equipment and projects, oil-free air compressors can provide the needed compressed air, cooling, or air-drying solution.

According to Adam Read, Head of Sales – Middle East, Aggreko: ““Aggreko have made large investments in our new fleet of oil-free air compressors to allow us to support increased customer demand in the Middle East for clean, reliable, oil-free air typically demanded in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Refining, Manufacturing & Food industries. The units are now available in stock and come equipped with low-emission Stage 3 diesel engines to further support our ‘Energising Change’ strategy and to allow us to assist our customers in reducing emissions in their operations. A range of dryers are available to further treat the air, and our equipment is never used in combination with non-oil-free compressors or dryers, coolers, or components such as hoses or regulators which could have been exposed to oil-laden air. All of our air compressors are equipped with Aggreko Remote Monitoring sensor units which can be linked to our Remote Operations Center where our team of engineers and technicians monitor the equipment 24/7 to avoid preventable failures, minimise down time, accelerate troubleshooting, and enable equipment right-sizing.”

Aggreko’s newly designed 1550 cfm diesel Stage 3 compressors deliver Class Zero oil-free air and long-lasting performance. The Stage 3 engine provides a significant increase in run time, reliability and fuel efficiency with extended service intervals. This equates to reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

The company’s 100% Oil Free Compressor Air Desiccant Air Dryer has been designed and built for the Middle Eastern region to provide energy efficiencies. The unit is easily transportable as it is housed in a crash frame and is also quick to install with no additional utility required from the customer.

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