April 16, 2024
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AI is key focus at Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2024

7th edition runs from March 5-6 in Manama

The 7th edition of the Bahrain Smart Cities Summit is set to take place on March 5-6, 2024, under the theme: ‘Smart Cities: The AI Frontier’.

Curated as a convergence of global minds dedicated to shaping the future of urban landscapes, the two-day summit will delve into integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into cities, aiming to create more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable urban environments.

Due to be held at the Gulf Convention Centre in Manama, the Bahraini capital, the event will attract industry leaders, government officials, innovators, and thought leaders worldwide, fostering discussions and collaborations and providing attendees with insights into the smart cities of tomorrow.

Organised by Smart Way Consulting, the Bahrain Smart Cities Summit has been a catalyst for cross-sector collaborations since 2016.

The 2024 summit edition promises diverse keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops featuring distinguished speakers and industry leaders.

Smart cities
Graphic: Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2024

The summit has become a significant annual event with a history of hosting ministerial keynote speeches, over 800 delegates, 70 Bahrain-based and international speakers in 30 specialised tracks, and 120 presentations and case studies.

Bahrain Smart Cities Awards 2024

The Bahrain Smart Cities Awards 2024 is an initiative that recognises and celebrates innovative solutions and best practices in smart city development within Bahrain.

The awards aim to inspire and promote the adoption of sustainable and efficient smart city solutions, enhancing the quality of life for residents while ensuring responsible resource use.

The award categories cover a wide range of smart city solutions:

  1. AIoT innovation in smart cities: Recognising projects exemplifying innovative use of AI and IoT technologies in smart city solutions, focusing on enhancing the quality of life, resource management, infrastructure, and services in Bahrain.
  1. Smart real estate and sustainable building: Open to projects integrating intelligent building technologies and energy management systems in real estate, demonstrating improvements in resident quality of life and sustainable resource use.
  1. Advancements in food security and agritech: Celebrating innovative solutions in agriculture and food production to bolster food security, including precision farming, sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, and innovative food distribution methods.
  1. Excellence in ESG implementation: For projects emphasising environmental, social, and governance aspects in Bahrain’s innovative city development, focusing on sustainable development, social equity, and good governance practices.
  1. Renewable energy and sustainability initiatives: Recognising projects in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies, contributing to Bahrain’s sustainable energy landscape.
  2. Innovative, intelligent city solutions: A flexible category for projects in healthcare, education, transportation, waste management, and more that contribute significantly to smart city development, demonstrating innovation and efficient resource use.
  1. Emerging technologies in urban development: This category recognises projects utilising emerging technologies like AR/VR, blockchain, and robotics in urban development, contributing to the futuristic vision of smart cities.
  1. Community engagement and inclusion: This category is dedicated to projects involving community participation and ensuring inclusivity in smart city initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and equity among residents.

The awards offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the smart city ecosystem to come together, share knowledge and experiences, and contribute to the sustainable development of Bahrain’s cities.

Featured image: Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2024 will delve into integrating AI into cities. Image: Fanjianhua

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