February 25, 2024
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Airbnb updates terms for pre-January 25, 2024 users

Evolving business determines new updates

Airbnb has informed users who created their accounts on the short- and long-term homestay platform before January 25, 2024, about mandatory changes (updates) coming into effect after March 28, 2024.

The updates apply to the platform’s Terms of ServicePayments Terms of ServiceHost Damage Protection TermsRebooking and Refund Policy, some other terms and policies (Terms), and Privacy Policy.

Airbnb is making the changes to support its evolving business, facilitate the rollout of new features, provide additional helpful information about how personal data is processed, and address upcoming laws and regulations.

All users must review and accept the updated Terms of Service. This is essential for them to continue booking stays, receiving future bookings, or utilising their Host tools.

Failure to agree to the updated Terms will prompt Airbnb to provide information on options for completing existing reservations and cancelling accounts.

For those encountering difficulties or having questions throughout this process, assistance can be sought by emailing [email protected]

March 28, 2024 cutoff

Importantly, existing users will not have the option to agree to the updated Terms before March 28, 2024. From this date forward, their continued use of the Airbnb platform will be subject to the new Privacy Policy.

Use of the Airbnb platform is subject to the new Privacy Policy. Image: Airbnb

If you registered your Airbnb account on or after January 25, 2024, the updated Terms of Service already bind you, Payments Terms of Service, and other relevant policies.

Your use of the Airbnb platform is also subject to the new Privacy Policy. No further action is required from users in this category, as the updated Terms are already in effect.

The updated Terms will apply to all activities on the Airbnb platform from when users agree to them.

For existing users who opt not to accept the new terms, the previous version of the Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy will apply to bookings confirmed before March 28, 2024.

It’s crucial to note that, regardless of agreement with the new Terms, continued use of the Airbnb Platform after March 28, 2024, will be subject to the updated Privacy Policy.

According to Airbnb, the platform adjusts its fees to align with its customers’ values.

Since some bookings require Airbnb to operate across different currencies starting April 1, 2024, for cross-currency bookings, the guest service fee will include an additional amount of up to 2% of the booking total before taxes. This will be applied when the currency the guest uses to pay differs from the currency that the Host sets for their listing.

Featured image: All users must review and accept Airbnb’s updated Terms of Service. Image: Airbnb

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