Al Ansari Exchange partners with Tranglo
July 16, 2024

Al Ansari Exchange partners with Tranglo to optimise seamless cross-border remittance experiences

May 29, 2023: Al Ansari Exchange, the subsidiary of Al Ansari Financial Services P.J.S.C. and the largest outward personal remittance and foreign exchange company in the UAE, announced its collaboration with cross-border payment hub Tranglo to optimise the seamless cross-border remittance customer experience.

The effort between Al Ansari Exchange and Tranglo to integrate Ripple’s decentralised payment solution will enrich foreign remittance and business payments for both entities. Al Ansari Exchange’s commitment to meeting customer expectations for reliable and efficient services resonates with Tranglo’s focus on improving cross-border transactions by making them faster, more affordable and highly secure resonates.

Ali Al Najjar, Chief Operating Officer at Al Ansari Exchange, said: “The partnership between Al Ansari Exchange and Tranglo is a significant step forward in our journey towards transforming the cross-border remittance landscape in the UAE. With the UAE being the world’s second-largest market for outbound remittances, this move will enable us to meet the growing demands of our customers and enhance their remittance experience through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.”

With Tranglo Connect, an end-to-end payment process that offers direct API access and seamless integration of payout and partner services, Al Ansari Exchange will further strengthen streamlined operations for customers, consistent to the company’s mission to continuously innovate its offerings. In 2019, Al Ansari Exchange partnered with Ripple to utilise its cloud-based financial network technology. The initiative provided its customers with flexible, faster and safer money transfer solutions that aligned with the UAE’s fintech agenda.

Jacky Lee, Group CEO of Tranglo, said: “Tranglo is elated to partner with Al Ansari Exchange to strengthen our presence in the UAE. We look forward to enhancing the cross-border payment experience and improving efficiency and convenience for individuals and businesses conducting international transactions. Together, we will drive innovation and reshape the way users remit money, contributing to a more inclusive financial ecosystem.”

The latest venture of Al Ansari Exchange showcases its commitment to deliver streamlined financial services and contribute to the overall growth and development of the UAE’s remittance industry. By harnessing the power of technology, Al Ansari Exchange is positioned to redefine the cross-border remittance experience, enabling customers to transfer funds securely and conveniently.

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