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July 16, 2024

Al Habtoor Group Sets Stage for New TV Channel in Beirut, Launching Studio City

Al Habtoor Group, in a major expansion of its business portfolio, unveiled further details of its highly anticipated television channel set to broadcast from Beirut, Lebanon. Promising to offer extensive job opportunities and serve as a beacon of positivity in the media landscape, the channel is poised to initially create about 300 jobs in fields including journalism, production, art, and more, with additional jobs expected to be added as the project expands.

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture “The resilience and spirit of the Lebanese are truly inspiring. We aim to harness this energy to spread hope, happiness, and positivity through our new channel. Our commitment is not only to establish a channel but also to foster a thriving media environment for professionals.”

He continued, “This venture is more than just broadcasting. We are dedicated to empowering the local workforce and contributing positively to Lebanon’s economic revival.”

The initiative has received encouraging feedback and support from the Lebanese government, ensuring a smooth licensing process and a hospitable environment for this transformative project.

Moreover, Al Habtoor Group is developing a studio city in Lebanon on a plot of 100,000 (square meters), which is set to become a vibrant hub for film and TV production, thereby boosting the country’s attractiveness as a prime location for international filmmakers.

Emerging from years of global hardship, the mission of the new TV channel is clear: to inject positivity into the daily lives of its audience, with a focus on uplifting content ranging from cultural showcases and social discussions to sports, entertainment, and health awareness. “Our programming is crafted to inspire and motivate not only the youth in Lebanon but also people around the world, encouraging them to embrace positivity and pursue their dreams,” concluded Al Habtoor.

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