June 26, 2024

Al Habtoor Group Suspends Launch of its Television Channel from Lebanon Due to Security Concerns, Considers Alternatives

Al Habtoor Group today expressed deep regret over the cancellation of its plans to launch a new television channel from Lebanon, initially aimed to broadcast cultural, social, and sporting programmes designed to spread positivity and hope internationally. This decision comes as a direct consequence of severe security challenges faced by the project, including physical threats to the founder and staff, rendering continuation in Lebanon untenable.

Following the project announcement, the group encountered a barrage of orchestrated campaigns including accusations, slander, and threats. Consequently, Al Habtoor Group has lodged criminal and civil complaints in Lebanon and internationally against those implicated in these campaigns and threats.

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, founder and chairman of Al Habtoor Group, stated: “We have encountered insurmountable obstacles that exceed what can reasonably be borne regarding the safety and security of our team. After careful consideration and in light of the lack of necessary security stability for investment, we find ourselves compelled to seek an alternative to launching the project from Lebanon.”

“Our goal has always been to support the Lebanese people and provide content that inspires hope and positivity. However, the safety and security of our team and project participants must always come first. The current situation has left us no choice but to step back from this initiative and abandon the launch of our television station from Lebanon.”

With the project’s cancellation in Lebanon, Al Habtoor Group is now exploring alternatives to launch the channel from other countries that offer a more stable and secure environment supportive of such initiatives. The group would like to express its profound gratitude to everyone who has endeavoured to support this project, especially His Excellency Lebanese Minister of Information Ziad Makary.

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