June 21, 2024


PDPAOLA, the renowned jewelry brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Aqua Collection, an exquisite line of jewelry perfect for the summer season. This new collection is a celebration of the beauty of nature and the serenity of the sea, designed to bring elegance and sophistication to any wardrobe.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Aqua Collection boasts a summer color palette featuring blue hues and golden undertones. These versatile colors can be effortlessly incorporated into any wardrobe, capturing the essence of a holiday by the sea. Each piece echoes the tranquility of the water, with smooth contours and undulating shapes that reflect the beauty of the 90s aesthetics, reimagined for today’s fashion-forward audience.

One of the standout features of the Aqua Collection is the customization options available. Customers can create their unique style, whether they prefer a minimalist look or a statement piece. This collection truly has something for everyone, offering a wide range of possibilities for personal expression.

The collection introduces new possibilities in the pendants category with reinvented Drop pendants in transparent crystal rock. Additionally, new sphere shapes can be mixed with the drop pendants for a playful, modern look. The introduction of a new leather bow necklace offers even more styling options, making the pendant category a key visual differentiator in the collection. The distinctive designs and gemstones in the Aqua Collection offer statement pieces that truly stand out. These unique pieces are chunky yet sophisticated, providing an everyday appeal that is both bold and elegant. The versatile designs allow customers to personalize their look, creating their own unique style every time they wear a piece from the Aqua Collection.

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