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Alef Education Showcases AI-Powered Digital Learning Solutions at the 2023 Education World Forum

May 9, 2023: Alef Education, the UAE-based global EdTech provider, participates in The Education World Forum (EWF) in London, United Kingdom, showcasing innovative technology solutions to transform the EdTech sector. The company is a Silver partner of the event, which will take place from May 7–10, 2023.

Under the theme of New Beginnings: Nurturing Learning Culture, Building Resilience, Promoting Sustainability. Stronger, Bolder, Better Education by Design, the Education World Forum is the world’s largest gathering of education and skills ministers. It brings ministers of education, skills, and higher education together with their advisors, delegations, and officials from around the world to discuss important issues and share insights on challenges, solutions, lessons learned, and successes in their respective education systems.

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO of Alef Education, said: “We are thrilled to showcase our innovative solutions and connect with industry leaders at the 2023 Education World Forum. At Alef Education, we believe that technology has the power to transform education and unlock the potential of learners worldwide. Working with the Education World Forum aligns with our commitment to advancing cutting-edge education technology solutions that enable learners to fulfill their unique potential. We look forward to sharing our vision and collaborating with key stakeholders to create a brighter future for education.”

Through its participation, Alef Education aims to showcase its innovative solutions, reinforcing its position in current markets and exploring new markets for expansion.

Dr. Aishah Al Yammahi, board advisor at Alef Education, said: “As education continues to evolve, it is essential that we embrace the latest innovations and technologies to improve learning outcomes. Alef Education is proud to be at the forefront of this change. In addition, the company is committed to adding value to the industry. We look forward to participating in this year’s edition of the Education World Forum and sharing insights and learnings with our colleagues in the education industry.”

Alef Education is presenting a broad portfolio of solutions at the 2023 Education World Forum:

Working with governments and ministries to bring the latest technology, data science, and learning science to improve student outcomes, the company delivers world-class solutions for the education industry across three key areas.

Professional Development: to improve teachers’ quality and capacity and support overall progress within the education system, training and professional development helps teachers adopt new technology tools in their classroom. They also have access to courses, on-demand resources, and features that support the implementation of digital learning via the Alef Academy platform for effective teaching and learning, leading to enhanced teaching practices and improved student learning.

Teaching and Learning Content: Alef Education designs impactful learning experiences for students customized to different curricula, with complete alignment across multiple subjects, localized using student-centered pedagogy.

Assessments and Nationwide Data Insights: data management and insights provide advisory tools and platforms to integrate, visualize and report on systemwide data. The Alef assessment system carries out baseline, formative and summative assessments using Alef or third-party content. Assessments are designed according to the required depths of knowledge and proficiencies associated with skill mastery. Assessments are balanced and continuous and used as opportunities to reflect upon student progress, motivation, and choice of strategies.

Alef Education also offers an award-winning suite of products and applications designed to deliver impactful teaching and learning experiences.

Alef Platform: an award-winning, AI-powered digital learning platform that provides personalized learning experiences for K-12 students. It has enabled students to achieve better learning outcomes and teachers to mentor their students effectively. The platform offers timely and valuable feedback by providing real-time data, resulting in a transformative learning experience. Its success is due to its ability to address the individual needs of each student.

Abjadiyat: a native Arabic language learning platform that provides interactive content for kindergarten to Grade 4. The app enables students of different levels to learn and practice Arabic at school and at home. It was developed by an expert team of educators, artists, engineers, gamers, and linguists, to align the content with the various curricula offered by the UAE Ministry of Education.

Arabits: an Arabic language learning app for non-native speakers. Launched in January 2023, the advanced AI-powered platform offers a comprehensive system to help students of all ages learn Arabic. Developed by experienced educators, Arabits provides students of all ages with an immersive, engaging Arabic language learning experience.

Alef Pathways: a student-centered, self-paced supplemental math program that provides comprehensive support to students with foundational math skills. With its interactive learning content, personalized diagnostic assessments, and recommended developmental pathways, Alef Pathways enables teachers to monitor student progress and recommend appropriate learning materials.

ELA: a simple, effective approach to teaching foundational literacy skills. The program offers discrete skill instruction through videos and high-interest interactive readers aligned with Lexile/CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels scaffolded for lower-level learners. Additional features include immediate student/teacher feedback in assessments and games for content review.

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