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Alef Education Summit 2023 kicks off to advance EdTech sector

Alef Education, a UAE-based leading global education technology provider, kicked off the Alef Education Summit 2023 on March 2 at the Museum of the Future in Dubai to encourage the use of technology and explore the latest innovations with the potential to reshape the EdTech sector.

Through the theme The Future of Education in the World of Digitization, the summit has brought together professionals and decision-makers from around the world to exchange their knowledge and expertise and to address the newest digital solutions that can help tackle the challenges faced in the education sector. It aligns with the UAE leadership vision to transform the education system across the nation through innovative technologies.

The day-long summit focuses on key topics across the education sector, including the Future of Education, Education and Generative AI, Immersive Digital Learning, and Personalized Learning. In addition, the summit will also address cutting-edge AI and data analytics solutions to help the global EdTech sector to mitigate prevailing challenges.

H.E. Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, said: “As developments in science and education technology accelerate around the world, the traditional methods of teaching have been transformed, with innovative tools revolutionizing the classroom through interactive and distant learning. At the Ministry of Education, we are committed to adopting trailblazing technologies and are collaborating with our partners to develop GPT-powered AI tutors and evolve education technology to elevate the education system in the UAE. As a result of our sustained investment in digital infrastructure, the UAE has a wealth of data at its fingertips to help us better understand where, when, and how interventions are required to ensure that our students have the best learning outcomes and prepare them for the current and future job market. The wealth of data that we’ve amassed over the years means that today we are able to continuously assess the impact of our policies and make adjustments accordingly.”

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO of Alef Education, said in his opening remarks: “Today we live in an age where technology is truly transforming many industries, and the pace of digital transformation in the education sector has accelerated immeasurably over the past two years. Whether through new Generative AI tools or the metaverse, technology is moving at the speed of light. Every stage of education, from primary to higher education as well as professional and workplace training, has shifted towards online and cloud-based delivery platforms.

Through our summit themed The Future of Education in the World of Digitization, we aim to provide a global platform where experts and decision-makers can join forces to sketch out futuristic visions and solutions to tackle today’s learning challenges. I believe we owe it to future generations to build a robust system that not only allows them easy access to personalized education but also equips them with the skills required to excel in their personal and professional lives.”

Alef Education Summit 2023 is hosting experts from different verticals of the education sector to explore future avenues in leveraging technologically advanced solutions to provide more engaging, entertaining, and rewarding educational experiences.

Geoffrey Canada, President of Harlem Children’s Zone, remarked: “As a major player in the EdTech sector, Harlem Children’s Zone focuses on using technology to improve student learning. The adoption and implementation of such trailblazing technology will encourage the unique learning experience our students have with the superior Alef Education platform. We have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of Alef’s technology on our students, and today’s summit makes me proud to facilitate the newest advanced digital solutions. Our organization has been working since the early 2000s to provide students access to digital technology, and we welcomed Alef Education’s innovative education system into our school in 2018. Our strategic partnership grows stronger year after year as our community-wide effort to provide all children in Harlem with the opportunity to achieve a promising future spread further alongside the use of Alef’s Smart Learning program. We are eager to see what the future of education holds with the implementation of transformative technology and to move the discussion forward in meeting these challenges and implementing solutions.”

John Vamvakitis, Managing Director of Google for Education, noted: “With the advent and proliferation of digital learning environments, Google is looking forward to implementing the latest innovative technologies into our suite of products. The latest digital solutions illustrated at the Alef Education Summit today display the incredible talents of experts and specialists within the field and strengthen the drive for digital efficacy across the region. Through the alignment of our products and technology offerings, the future of education promises to be an invaluable and fruitful endeavor in our collaborative framework.”

Mark East, Managing Director of Education, EMEA and Asia, Microsoft, added: “I’m honored to join the Alef Education Summit today to see the pioneering changes happening across the EdTech sphere. Education was one of the most-impacted industries during the last few years, and Microsoft played a key role in developing education-focused technologies. We have long been deeply immersed in education. In a world of digitization, optimizing learning experiences at a time when digital learning is now a necessity for the future of education is paramount for all education institutes to implement. We are living in a time of great change, and the thought leadership we see today at the Alef Education Summit in response to content such as generative AI and immersive digital learning is state-of-the-art and radical. We will continue to push boundaries to keep students safe online and advocate the reimagining of education.”

Attending the summit is top UAE government official H. E. Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education. Other prominent figures and experts attending the summit include our partners from Google for Education, Microsoft, Harlem Children’s Zone, BBD Education, RICH Learning Global, the UAE Youth Delegate to the UN, and the Abu Dhabi Hub Global Shapers Community. The summit also included a panel discussion with a group of innovative youth leaders from secondary school and university.

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