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Alfa Romeo starts 2023 with a record first quarter

After recording an extremely positive 2022, Alfa Romeo is gaining momentum in its recovery with a record-breaking first quarter, the result of a solid strategic plan implemented rigorously and with constant focus on 360° quality.

2023 will be a complex year filled with exciting challenges, although the excellent commercial performance in Q1 includes evident growth in Europe with registrations having more than doubled, an increase of 136%. Market share has also doubled, by more than 100%.

In terms of uniform growth in market share in the region, mention of the “best performance” must include the data for countries such as Austria and Portugal, where registrations were up 317% and 400% respectively, more than trebling its market share. Performance in key countries such as Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands doubled, with more than twofold its market share compared to Q1 2022. Increases in registration data are as follows: Italy, 188%; France, 174%; Germany, 112%; Spain, 121%; the Netherlands, 186%.

Figures at global level are also extremely positive, with growth in registrations reported at 64% compared to the first quarter of 2022. The excellent results set out evident growth since the end of 2022, which in turn demonstrated stability of commercial performance in line with the consolidated results in 2021.

In the Middle East, exciting growth continues, after a record 2022. Indeed, in 2022 Turkey established itself on the global scene as the market with the fastest growth, and volumes quadrupled compared to the previous year. These figures were confirmed in Q1 2023, when the region grew by 149% with Turkey contributing 55% of total growth in the Middle East.

2023 promises to be a year of great commercial gratification globally for the Italian brand, which can count on a completely renewed range courtesy of the new Giulia and Stelvio. These staples of the current line-up and pillars of the brand’s future product plan have evolved in terms of design and technology, and are ready to position themselves as a benchmark in their respective segments, the same way as they have since their launch. Plus, Tonale has completed the European launch of the line-up with the Q4 Plug-In Hybrid version, and is about to embrace exciting commercial challenges in regions around the world.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo CEO:

“The results recorded by the brand in the first quarter of this year vindicate the team’s work and are the result of the discipline with which we are implementing our strategy, with two absolute priorities: uncompromising 360° quality, and stability. The team is working with a deep sense of humility, achieving the objectives set, and this makes us proud, but we are aware of the need to continue the journey with the passion and determination that mark us out if we want to achieve the ambitious goals set out in our plan.”

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